Bario Neal uses 100% reclaimed precious metals whenever possible, derived from recycled jewelry or industrial materials.
Bario Neal uses conflict-free diamonds from the Canadian Arctic. These diamonds are mined in the Canadian North and are responsibly cut and polished. Their production and sale are subject to strict standards set by the Canadian Code of Conduct, CanadaMark™, and the Government of the Northwest Territories, designed to protect the Arctic environment, mine workers and local employees.
Bario Neal offers recycled diamonds that had initially been introduced into the jewelry supply chain for sale to the consumer and were then re-sold to a jeweler, refiner or other agent. The diamonds are then cleaned, graded and re-introduced into the supply chain as a Recycled Diamond.
Bario Neal offers traceable Kalahari Diamonds crafted entirely in the African nation of Namibia, bringing opportunity to the people and communities the diamonds come from. The Kalahari Diamond is the world's first verifiable Origin African Diamond.
Bario Neal offers ethically sourced gemstones that are closely tracked from mine to market. This ensures that every gem has been handled according to strict environmental, labor, health, and safety protocols, and has been handled in a tight chain of custody which eliminates the possibility for treated or synthetic gems to be introduced into the supply chain.
Bario Neal sources select colored gemstones through small-scale mines in Tanzania which are part of a local, nonprofit, non-governmental organization called the Tanzania Women Miner’s Association (TAWOMA). TAWOMA’s mission is "to facilitate women miners to organise and access required financial, technical and marketing services so that they can carryout mining activities that are both economically and commercially viable and environmentally sustainable and thereby raise the standard of living for women miners and their families."
Bario Neal works with specialized craftspeople on Philadelphia's historic Jeweler's Row to hand-make many of its pieces. Composed of nearly 300 small, family-owned businesses, Jeweler's Row is home to the oldest jewelry district in America (est. 1851) and continues to thrive as a creative and manufacturing hub in the industry.
Bario Neal uses low-impact, environmentally conscious studio practices to lessen our footprint.