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Band Resizing

Band Resizing

starts at $25.00

Sizings of bands from the collection may be within 2 sizes up or down from current size.


  • Sizing up more than a 1/2 size on The Aldine and Aldine Thin may cause the weave to look different. Sizing down more than 1 size may require extra time.
  • Sizing down textured bands like the Fishtail band below a size 4 may cause the texture to look different at the area where it was resized.
  • The Sheild Band One & Two and the Ray Fringe Edge Band can only be sized up or down one size.

The following bands are NOT able to be resized:

  • Knotted Rush
  • Milla Ultra Thin
  • Milla Ultra Thin Round
  • Milla Ultra Thin Hammered
  • Senna Narrow
  • Senna Talll
  • Eternity Band
  • Narrow Eternity Band
  • Baguette Diamond Band
  • Beadset Diamond Band
  • Channel Narrow Band
  • Burnished Diamond Band
  • Allium Band
  • Allium Enameled band

Returns and exchanges of the rings listed will be charged a restocking fee equal to 15% of the cost of the ring.

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