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15 Pairings We Love for Bario Neal’s New Solitaire Rings

Every ethically handcrafted ring in Bario Neal’s new solitaire collection has the presence to stand solo, but we also know you might want to add another ring or band from our collection to create a perfect pair. After all, together, a solitaire ring plus one can become inseparable in the most iconic of ways. Like Beyoncé and Jay-Z. Lucy and Ethel. Peanut butter and jelly.

7 Ideas for White Diamond Solitaire Pairs

Sol Rose Cut Diamond Ring + Arco Curved Diamond Band — After we designed each of these new rings, we couldn’t help but notice they made a handsome couple too. The rose cut diamond feels contemporary while still paying homage to an era when all diamonds were cut by hand. Add the seven-stone Arco and, though the band has a graceful valley of a curve, you’ll hit peak pairing.

Lash Raw Diamond Ring + Eternity Half Curved Diamond Narrow Band — We don’t expect (or even really want, if we’re honest) life to be perfectly smooth. The appealing ruggedness of raw diamonds inspired us when we played with the prong setting and created this Lash Raw Diamond Ring. With the raw diamond in this elegant new design matched to a sophisticated half eternity band, you get a story with just the right amount of glimmer.

Ray Diamond Emerald Cut Ring + Open Lash Mini Diamond Ring and Myrtle Diamond Emerald Cut Ring + Baguette Diamond Band — Whether you prefer your emerald cut diamonds set horizontally or vertically, we’ve got you covered. Set off the standing-tall diamond in the just-released Ray Diamond Emerald Cut Ring with two sparks of green in our Open Lash design. Or prep for a double take with the Myrtle and mirroring baguette band.

Crescent Diamond Marquise Ring + Crescent Band — The elongated, sleek marquise cut diamond in our new Crescent Diamond Marquise Ring isn’t the only source of shine if you get this solitaire-and-band combo in a high-polish gold. The strong presence at the forefront tapers to the back, and if you want more to catch the eye, you can get our Crescent Hammered Diamond Ring.

Filigree Diamond Oval Ring + Filigree Curved Band and Filigree Diamond Ring + Filigree Curved Band — Our Filigree Curved Band is such an ideal solitaire mate, we have to show off two possibilities. These pairings pay homage to the antique filigree design, which has thousands of years of history in jewelry making. The delicate metalwork lets the light shine through in these intricate, lightweight rings and band. You just have to pick your shape: round or oval. (Tip: A 1 carat oval cut diamond can look much larger than a 1 carat round diamond because the oval, which is like a stretched round diamond, has more surface.)

9 Ideas for Colorful Gemstone and Fancy Color Diamond Solitaire Pairs

Crescent White Sapphire Oval Ring + Crescent Thin Band — This tapered twinning is understated and perfect for people who use their hands a lot for work or a hobby. Together, our new Crescent White Sapphire Oval Ring and Crescent Thin Band show how memorable low key can be. Sapphires may be most famous in blue, but a white sapphire is a colorless gemstone that looks like a white diamond but isn’t a diamond. We source our white sapphires from a family-run mine in Sri Lanka that works on a small scale and strives to have a light environmental footprint.

Kalmia Sapphire Hex Ring + Milla Thin Band — Sometimes what a dynamic duo needs is for one partner to be classic, simple and, well, foundational. The Milla keeps these two grounded as our new Kalmia Sapphire Hex Ring shoots for the starry sky with its translucent 5-6mm hex cut blue sapphire ethically sourced from Sri Lanka.

Lash Mini Champagne Diamond Ring + Open Lash Mini Black Diamond Ring and Lash Mini Champagne Diamond Ring + Eternity Diamond Band — Here’s proof that the solitaire in a ring-plus-band stack doesn’t always have to take the whole spotlight. Fancy color champagne diamonds look lovely next to colored stones and white diamonds. And when it comes to wear, champagne diamonds are just as durable and hard as colorless diamonds.

Kalmia Rose Cut Morganite Ring + Nikko Curved Band —  Our classic Nikko Curved Band brings balance to this ring in our new solitaire collection, the Kalmia Rose Cut Morganite Ring. The Nikko is a subtle staging partner that lets the 9mm x 7 mm rose cut morganite soak up the applause and toasts its pale pink glory with a glass of sparkling rosé.

Nikko Mini Andalusite Marquise Ring + Nikko Curved Band — The Nikko Curved Band is on equal footing with our new Nikko Mini Andalusite Marquise Ring. The earthy shimmer of the andalusite stone and the delicate band together feel like a warm family hug.

Nikko Mini Paraiba Oval Ring + Milla Square Hammered Ultra Thin Band — This bright Paraiba tourmaline flashes light green while the strikingly minimal Milla brings delicate texture to this party. The rare Paraiba stone was first discovered in Brazil in 1988, and earth’s copper gives the gem its vivid coloring. Sometimes it only takes two guests to cause a stir.

Lash Andalusite Pear Ring + Fishtail Diamond Band — For a throwback feel that’s still timeless, pair our new Lash Andalusite Pear Ring with our signature Fishtail Diamond Band. The pear-shaped andalusite is ethically sourced from Madagascar, and the striking stone is known for shading so playful that you might see yellow, olive-green or reddish-brown depending on the lighting or angle. A burnished diamond adds even more bright in the braided Fishtail band.

Stop by our showrooms in Philadelphia or New York City, and you might just find the Bario Neal team mixing and matching our way to more duos that thrill. (Look how pretty this looks with that!) The pairing possibilities are endless. To follow our inspiration above, or find a new twosome that matches your style, get started today by filling out our custom design questionnaire or contact form. Or make an appointment to visit a showroom or work with us long-distance by phone and Skype. Each of our new solitaire rings is handmade to order with ethically sourced metals and gemstones — browse the entire collection on our site.