Month: May 2007

Refinery Research

Refinery Research: Over the past year and a half we have researched refineries that use only recycled metals & fair trade metals- determined to find a local refinery we feel supports our principals. Most refineries will say that they use mostly recycled metals—this is true, particularly with precious metals. Precious metals are just too valuable […]


Citric Acid Pickle

Citric Acid Pickle We’ve used a citric acid pickle for about 9 months now with great results. Citric acid is a fairly common preservative used for canning foods (i.e. it’s edible). Citric acid is non-toxic, in fact it’s derived from citrus fruits, and it’s relatively cheap and easy to find. It works fine as an […]



Plating: We first considered plating so that we could use vintage, non-precious metal for some elements of our first collection. We could enhance the elements by plating them in precious metals, but still use a great deal less gold. But plating is a dirty process… Is it better to use that much less virgin material […]