The Makeover!

By Page on January 26, 2008 at 8:02 pm


This fall Anna & I participated in the Radical Jewelry Makeover at Millersville University. The Radical Jewelry Makeover called for donations of old jewelry that, after days of sorting, disassembly, & melt-down, would be transformed into new works.

The Makeover is a workshop that addresses the importance of awareness -in the industry and among consumers -of the materials traditionally used in jewelry design. Christina Miller, founder and host of the event, encouraged participants to use unlikely materials (like plastic animals) in innovative ways. Students from Millersville University, Franklin & Marshall College, and Virginia Commonwealth University worked with donations to make new pieces for a gallery show. Proceeds benefited Ethical Metalsmiths and the Millersville University Jewelry and Metal Arts Guild. RJM is an awesome way to back up discussions of metal mining’s impact with hands-on experience using materials from an alternate source.

I was also impressed to see all the intense and amazing and hideous jewelry that people have and are willing to donate. It was a pretty incredible means to rediscover the forgotten jewelry trends of the mid-90s—like the below sterling silver ear cuff ‘climbing man’ design. Now really, how did the ‘climbing man’ become a national trend?