Fair Trade Diamonds on the Market Soon

By Anna on October 29, 2012 at 1:25 pm

This is a great interview from Fair Jewelry Action with Mike Angenent of Open Source Minerals and Jeweltree.  We’re looking forward to working with stones from the Diamond Development Initiative and DC Diamascorp.

Introductory Comments

Those wishing to have a diamond which aligns with the values associated with engagement and marriage often choose Canadian diamonds, despite their impact on the ecology, and the fact that Africa needs the diamond trade for their economic development.  Though there are a few notable exceptions, when large scale diamond mining companies operate in Africa, most of the economic benefit derived from the mine leaves the country.

A few organizations have been attempting to work with small scale mining communities in order to produce a principles and standards within a chain of custody for  fair trade diamonds.  Mike Angenent has been at the forefront, and has recently announced that a fair trade diamond will be coming to market.  Here is what he has to say about the project.

Can we start with where are these diamonds coming from?

For starters, South Africa and Sierra Leonne.

What key agencies are you working with to bring this diamond to market?

There are a few projects in the pipeline. One with DC Diamascorp concerning small scale and artisanal mining in South Africa and a project with Diamond Development Initiative  (DDI) concerning artisanal mining in Sierra Leon.

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