Bario Neal x Linder NYC: A Colorful Collaboration

By Constance on November 16, 2015 at 6:51 pm

bario neal x linder

Introducing the Bario Neal x Linder NYC Men’s Jewelry Collaboration

Let’s face it, really great man-gifts are hard to find.

Good thing that just in time for the holiday season, the Bario Neal x Linder NYC Jewelry collaboration launches today. This high-concept line, “Mortar” re-imagines men’s jewelry, drawing inspiration from the Linder NYC look, while maintaining the design and craftsmanship of a Bario Neal piece.

Linder NYC is comprised of designers Kirk and Sam, who renovated their Thompson Street store themselves, creating a beautifully minimal and intimate space that frames both the brands they carry and their own line.

When the collection’s main designer, Anna Bario, first sat down with Kirk and Sam of Linder, they talked a lot about “pieces that felt powerful without just being big, and about incorporating color into men’s jewelry, which is pretty uncommon.”
This ethos: a synergy of masculinity + femininity, and innovative use of materials, creates a wholly new picture of men’s jewelry. Earthy and rough-hewn, yet sleek and modern, it can go in any direction, so tomboys and gamine-girls, don’t be shy to drop a piece or two into your current menswear-inspired looks.

How did the Bario Neal x Linder teams get from concept to a final product? Here’s a little insight into how a vision becomes reality: Continue reading Bario Neal x Linder NYC: A Colorful Collaboration

Former Tiffany’s CEO Thinks Gold Isn’t Worth Cost to The Environment

By Constance on November 10, 2015 at 3:00 pm
Photo by Carl Johnson
Photo by Carl Johnson from

When Gold Isn’t Worth The Price, a recent New York Times OpEd, written by the former CEO of Tiffany starts in the pristine wilderness of Bristol Bay for a good reason. An off-contested swatch of Alaskan wilderness, prized by fisherman and sought after by mining and oil-companies alike, Bristol Bay is again a hot topic as House Republicans, backed by special interests, criticize the EPA’s decision to uphold an order of protection. Simply put, he states that as it stands, gold isn’t worth the impact it has on the environment. The second half of Kowalski’s piece gives a great summary of the overall strategy of what needs to be done in the industry, which coincides with the goals of the upcoming Jewelry Industry Summit. Read more about our involvement in the summit committee and stay tuned to detailed articles once it is underway about how we can make gold mining reduce it’s negative environmental impact.

“No amount of corporate profit or share price value could justify our participation, however indirectly, in the degradation of such indescribable beauty (…) The threat to Bristol Bay exemplifies a far larger issue: the enormous human and environmental cost of irresponsible mining.” –MICHAEL J. KOWALSKI

Learn more about how to protect the Bristol Bay from the proposed Pebble Mine.

Sourcing Spotlight: New Traceable Baguette Diamonds

By Alyssa on November 3, 2015 at 2:49 pm


ethical baguette diamonds demi baguette ring

Introducing our new Demi-baguette Diamond Band

Fans of the Baguette Diamond, we have really big news! Until now, traceable baguette diamonds were unavailable on the market, but after two years of determined research and collaboration, we can now offer fully traceable, ethical Canadian baguette diamonds. Our technique involves sourcing rough Canadian diamonds, then creating custom cut baguette shapes in a Jeweltree-approved facility in Surat, India. To celebrate this achievement, we proudly announce the re-design of the popular Baguette Eternity Band and the NEW Demi-Baguette band, both featuring our exclusively ethical stones.

A little background on the facility and certification: The Jeweltree Foundation creates rigorous standards for ethics and safety in the industry. Because our baguette cutting and polishing facility has been evaluated by Jeweltree, we know that the company has established strict labor policies. Jeweltree-certified companies ensure that all workers are over 18 and paid a living wage, receive paid vacation, maternity, and sick leave; and are provided a safe, sanitary environment, with proper protective equipment and necessary training.

To compliment these origins, the baguette diamond stands out as one of the most avant-garde diamond cuts. Earning its name for its long, rectangular shape, the French word baguette means “long rod,” from the Latin baculum, meaning “a stick.” The baguette cut gained popularity in the 20’s and 30’s during the Art Deco era. Its predecessor was the hogback cut, which dates as far back as the 16th century. It featured a long rectangular table with a simplified crown characterized by either a ridge or a single row of steps. In the earliest uses of the hogback, jewelers created crosses, letters, and figures.



Art Deco diamond pendant necklace, c. 1925, Christie’s



Later, baguette diamonds lent themselves to the bold geometry, symmetry, and rich colors of the Art Deco movement when they became widely used as side and accent stones. Advancements in cutting techniques in the 1920’s and 30’s yielded diamonds that were more brilliant and dazzling than ever. Casting technologies became more accessible as well, allowing jewelers to create complex designs more efficiently. Following the sensuous curves, soft pastels, and intricate lacey filigrees of the Art Nouveau and Edwardian movements, jewelry became a way for women to assert their individuality during the Roaring 20’s and in the 30’s. Stylish and fun, Art Deco jewelry took on a new boldness and masculinity reflective of the energy and progressiveness of the era.


Baguette Diamond Eternity Band

Our newly re-designed Baguette Diamond Band

Today, the clean, streamlined elegance of the baguette diamond still carries these associations. It can convey a 1930’s retro feel, and it’s clean lines and minimal aesthetic can also be incorporated into designs that are very contemporary. We decided to treat the cut differently, elevating the baguette from its former position as an accent, to the spotlight stone. Add that our distinctive Canadian baguette diamonds are fully traceable from the mine to your hand. What could be more now?