Make Your Holidays Shine Bright

By Constance on October 24, 2017 at 3:55 pm

We know, it’s too soon to think about the Holidays, but you’ll see those Christmas decorations everywhere you go soon enough. In an effort to be green in everything we do, let’s talk about packaging and shipping your Holiday orders. Unlike, say Amazon, we don’t have a warehouse of stock served by drones and bots. Our jewelry, made by hand after you order, is processed and shipped with care by actual humans in Philadelphia.


Signature Paper Box
We use our hands to assemble and ship your precious future heirlooms in our ethical, American-made, signature boxes.
This season, whether you’re stopping by one of our showrooms to place an order for a loved one or friend, or you’re browsing online, here’s our guidelines to help you make this Holiday extra special:


Purchase Made to Order Rings for the Holidays by November 1 to avoid a Rush Service.
Order In-Stock Necklaces and Earrings by December 15th to take advantage of Ground Shipping.


Why choose ground shipping or avoid rushing your order? It’s good for the planet and good for you! Ground shipping is by far the most eco-friendly option and we can’t guarantee everything will be available to rush, so ordering early ensures you will get what you want in time.


Bario Neal Packaging Porcelain Box

Want that perfect, personal touch? Present your items in our sleek, signature Porcelain Box, a keepsake handmade in the USA. 


If time slips by (and we know it does!) remember you are still able to:

Purchase Made to Order Rings with a Rush Service until November 21
Order In-Stock Necklaces and Earrings with Express Shipping until December 19


So there you have it, a little extra planning ahead of time for holiday orders gives you the flexibility to make a great choice and reduce stress. We’ve made it easy too. In order for your packages to arrive in the greenest way, by the start of Christmas and Chanukah, see below:




Miss these dates and still want a handmade ring? Just contact us to see if you can RUSH your order or make an appointment to see our selection of One of Kind Rings in our Philadelphia and NYC showrooms.

October Offers Earthly Magic in our Linear Rings

By Constance on October 4, 2017 at 10:54 am

Have we talked about how lucky October kids are in the birthstone department? You get the ultimate twofer: Opal AND Tourmaline. If you think about it, it makes sense- October is a magical month to be born– and the zodiac signs couldn’t be more different or distinct. So whether you are a gentle Libra or wild Scorpio, you’ll find rings that showcase both in our stunning new Linear Rings.


New Linear Rings

These colorful, pure gemstones encompass the earth’s majesty in our new Linear Rings.


First, let’s explore the personality and paths reflected in these new designs. Inspired by our Linear Diamond Ring (straightforward and direct!) The new Linear Opal Ring suspends White Round Diamonds, Oval Opal, Pale Pink Morganite, Champagne round diamonds in a sweep of pale, peaceful beauty. Enter The Hex Sapphire Linear Ring: juxtaposing pink tourmaline with natural sapphires in a mix of fantastical colors and shapes.


If our new Opal Linear is a morning meditation, a whisper, a lull, a sunrise. Then the Hex Linear is a symphony, a dance, a jète of earth and sky colors, a sunset.


Bario Neal Linear Opal Cluster Rings


Opals, though pale and mellow, show up with fiery sparkles of all the colors of the rainbow when shaped and exposed to light. Pulled from the earth, these ethereal moonlets dance with the sun’s light like a tiny universe– a perfect mirror of the earth’s magic. These flashes are caused by light interacting with the tiny balls of silica that make up opals structure. Formed when silica gel fills crevices in rocks, as the gel evaporates it leaves behind the silica which is what we know as Opal. Being formed in this way, opals can contain as much as 20% water! (Scorpios, the fiercest water sign in the zodiac, may also want to take note.) What does this mean in practical terms? When used in jewelry, be careful not to let the opal experience drastic changes in temperature or rough treatment, as they are very sensitive gemstones.


Ethiopian Opal from the Sherwa Province

Ethiopian Opals are different from Australian opals, as they were formed as a result of volcanic activity as opposed to sedimentary formations.


Let’s discuss where on earth these incredible gems are found and their impact. We source our Opals from Ethiopia’s Sherwa province. Ethiopia began producing Opals in the early 1990’s. Since then, deposit discoveries continue to cement its reputation as an opal hotspot. First known specifically for producing characteristic reddish brown opals, white and black/blue opals similar to those found in Australia, have since been discovered, with notable deposits being found as recently as 2013.
A driving force in the development and promotion of ethical sourcing, our supplier’s chain reaches many places in Africa, connecting us with mining collectives, women’s organizations and minority-owned businesses directly supporting their activities. These include improving working conditions, making mines a safer place to work, and educating miners about the value of the minerals they extract.


Knowledge about the product is a huge challenge for miners who are too isolated from the market to realize the value of their labor.


Next, we move to another magical color-changing birthstone for October: Tourmaline. The new Hex Linear Ring and Dyad Cluster Ring feature a striking sunset-pink variety, but the gem itself can be anyone (or two or three!) of 60 natural colors. Found all over the world, they are one of the most versatile and diverse gemstones around.
Pink Tourmaline from Brazil

Pink tourmalines can also be known as Rubellites.


Brazil has famously been the source of some of the most impressive tourmalines ever discovered however more recently, deposits in Africa have yielded some of the best pink tourmalines. Namibia is home to world-class Tourmaline deposits along with Nigeria, Madagascar and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.


Tourmalines are often dichroic or pleochroic which means they show two different colors in one stone. Although this effect is less pronounced and sometimes not noticeable in pink stones than it is in green, blue or green-blue tourmaline. It is even possible to get tourmaline that shows multiple colors in one crystal. The best known of these to jewelry lovers are watermelon tourmaline which has a red core surrounded by green.
The Tourmalines that we use in our Hex Sapphire Linear and Trillion Triad Cluster Rings are recycled gemstones, in that they have already be involved in the jewelry production process and we are reusing them. This approach means that no new mining is required thus eliminating the potential for damage to ecosystems and labor issues.

Expand your horizon: a pop of Pink Tourmaline completes this line-up of Montana and Australian Sapphires in bright hues and mixed shapes.


Each ring is a carefully selected configuration and selection of high-quality, traceable gemstones. We see our jewelry as a tiny link between you, every hand that touches it and the earth. The Linear Series is a part of our new Ceremony Collection, now available online and in all Bario Neal locations.