Traceable Melee

.025ct diamonds from the Argyle Mine in Australia The term “melee” refers to small diamonds and gemstones that are .18cts or less. They are used for embellishing and accenting jewelry, as well as the focal point of some pieces. Some of Bario Neal’s most popular pieces feature melee diamonds or gemstones. This article will examine […]


Stone Cutting and Polishing

  When thinking of the human rights abuses that occur in the diamond and precious gem industry, one conjures up images of dark, dirty, and dangerous mines with exploited and underpaid miners. Often, consumers are unaware that many of the human rights abuses in the diamond and precious gem industry occur in the cutting and […]


Recycled Diamonds

  When sourcing a diamond for a customer, Bario-Neal offers the following options: Recycled Diamonds, Kimberly Process Diamonds, Canadian Diamonds, and Namibian Kalahari Diamonds. To help you choose which is the best diamond for you, this post will review Recycled Diamonds and their benefits and drawbacks. Diamonds have been treasured as gemstones since their use […]