Heirloom Jewelry: Refining and Redesigning

By Emily on April 22, 2012 at 1:39 pm

Bario-Neal is happy to work with your heirloom and old jewelry. Below are some options and considerations for working with us to repair, redesign or reuse your heirloom jewelry.

Reusing and Recycling Heirloom Metal
Option 1- Metal Credit:
If you would like to recycle your heirloom metal, we can add your heirloom pieces to the larger pool of recycled gold that we work with and give you a credit for the value of the metal, which we call ‘metal credit.’ We will test the material, weigh it, and give you a credit for the value based on the day’s silver, gold, platinum, or palladium price.

Option 2- Small Batch Refining:
Another option is ‘small batch refining,’ using the exact material from your heirloom jewelry in a new piece from Bario-Neal. This process is more labor intensive and also means you will be working with the same color and karat of gold as the heirloom jewelry for the final product. For example, if you are using heirloom rings in 14K white gold to make a new set of bands, the new bands will also be in 14K white gold. The small batch refining process requires the piece to be melted down separately and not combined with any other metal during this process. The cost for the small batch refining is $175, in addition to our labor charges, which depend on the complexity of the new design.

If you do want to refine out and re-make using the pure gold, but make something in another metal.

Repair and Redesign
Heirloom Metal
The possibility of adjusting or redesigning heirloom jewelry is specific for each piece. Because we cannot determine the quality of heirloom jewelry, or any past damage or repair, there is always the risk of damage to your heirlooms when we work on them. The more information we have about the piece, the better. For example, if you have an appraisal or certificate to an heirloom piece, please bring that in as well. Bario-Neal is not responsible for any damage to heirloom pieces.

Heirloom Gemstones
Similarly, working with heirloom gemstones can also be risky. Many gemstones (especially older stones) may be cracked, chipped, or damaged before we receive them. They may also be imitation stones, which are not detectable. The pre-existing damage may not be apparent until we pull the stones from their settings or begin working on the new project. Some gemstones can change in color when exposed to heat or can chip when being reset. Before working with heirloom gems we ask that you have them appraised and that you sign a waiver. Bario-Neal is not responsible for any damage to heirloom gemstones or diamonds.

Need to edit: Define ‘heirloom’ – loose, new stones bought somewhere else. (High quality diamond, stones are lost, certain types of diamonds). Difference between colored gemstones and diamonds.

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