New engagement rings coming soon: Half Moon and Trillion

Summertime is cooking right along, so let’s take a peak at two of our newest engagement rings that are the epitome of cool-girl style.

First up, The Trillion Ring, featuring two trillion cut white sapphires arranged north-south for a sleek, elongated look:

sapphire trillion ring


Next, the The Half-Moon Ring, also featuring two white sapphires, set in a subtle, stylized crescent shape:


white sapphire half moon


These silhouettes will have you (and everyone else) staring at your hand, inspiring endless bouts of daydreaming and conversation. Stay tuned for the release (ASAP) of these hot-off-the-press statement rings.


  1. motek

    these both diamond rings are so beautiful. by seeing this post and the designs of these rings It is seeming that you provide different and unique designs of diamonds rings.
    thanks for sharing this post and telling us about your collection.

  2. Ammy

    Wow, both rings are very beautiful. The design of these rings are totally different from usual rings.
    Thanks for sharing such the post with us.

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