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With Bario Neal’s Small Stone Rings, “Subtle” Means Unforgettable

We love our larger-than-life bold rings at Bario Neal, but our understated and timeless small stone rings send a message that’s loud and clear: You don’t need a 1-carat diamond to make a jewelry statement. Our rings with small diamonds, sapphires, and emeralds are versatile. They’re ideal for daily wear and accessibly priced. They can be a perfect engagement ring for minimalists. Our clients add them to ring stacks, let them sing solo, and use them to mark all kinds of life occasions. And they love that all of the stones we use, no matter the size, are fully traceable and ethically sourced. We’ve got plenty of inspiration below so that you can make your own small stone magic.

These Small Stone Rings Make a Big Splash

Whether you’re already in the know about how a small stone ring can be the Goldilocks-just-right addition to a stack of rings, or you’ve just started looking for an understated ethical, handcrafted ring, these just-released designs are a perfect place to start.

Nikko Mini Morganite Marquise Ring: Morganite, which Bario Neal sources from Brazil, is a pale, neutral stone that’s a very appealing alternative if you’re looking for something other than a diamond. “I had a client looking for an engagement ring, and she loves morganite. She also just had a baby and she wanted a ring that’s comfortable and that would work for everyday wear,” says Bario Neal Sales Director Ariel Yaroslawitz. “She was drawn to the Nikko Mini Morganite Marquise Ring for its simplicity, low profile and the beautiful stone, and the fact that it’s a little bit different.”

Nikko Mini Andalusite Marquise Ring: Andalusite is a striking stone that is recognized for its color change characteristics. Each stone can exhibit a play of color through shades of yellow, olive green, and reddish brown. We’ve set the andalusite horizontally for this design, and we love how the stone’s brightness changes when viewed from different angles and lighting conditions.

Nikko Mini Paraiba Oval Ring: This ring reads “wow” thanks to the oval cut paraiba tourmaline. This glowing stone was first discovered just a few decades ago in Paraíba, Brazil, and owes its coloring to the earth’s copper.  

Lash Mini Champagne Diamond Ring: Flash and glam are great, but this ring proves how meaningful a little glimmer of diamond (.02 carat!) can be. Fiery but not blinding, the toast-worthy champagne diamond is a spectacular alternative to a colorless (aka white) diamond, is at home set in all types of metals, and looks lovely next to other colored stones too. 

Bario Neal’s Entire Collection of Small Stone Rings Is Very Versatile

There are endless reasons to wear rings with small stones: for engagements and weddings, anniversaries, or to honor special events or relationships. That’s why our ring designs aren’t ruled by carat weight or millimeter measurements. Inspired by the color and energy of each of our ethically sourced gemstones, with these rings we highlight what’s special about just a glimpse of a white diamond, a flicker of an emerald, and a hint of sapphire.

Here’s a guide to the small stone ring designs in our collection. We have most of these rings with several types of gemstones, from popping fuchsia or bright yellow sapphire to a simmering black diamond.

Baguette Diamond Ring: Baguettes are often used to set off other diamond shapes, but this solitaire design is perfect for anyone after a clean, delicate ring. Fully traceable smaller diamonds like baguettes have traditionally been harder to find, but we spent two years on research and collaboration to make it happen at Bario Neal. “We have a client who recently ordered a solitaire engagement ring with a 1-carat emerald cut diamond. She’s a farmer,” Ariel says. “So they also ordered the Baguette Diamond Ring, to stack with the big solitaire. She can also wear it every day while she’s working out in the fields.”

Reticulated One Band: We use the technique of reticulation -- heating and quenching a metal -- to bring texture to this band. Reticulated One suits feminine and masculine styles. The hint of gemstone in a burnished setting makes this a good everyday band with a nestled gleam for someone who often works with their hands. This is also our most accessibly priced small stone ring, which might be all the reason you need to mix gemstones and metals for a three-reticulated-ring stack: Combine Reticulated One Champagne Diamond Band in yellow gold, with Reticulated One Black Diamond Band in white gold, and the Reticulated One Fuchsia Sapphire Band in rose gold.

Aira Mini Ring: “Many people love the idea of big solitaire diamond rings but don’t think they’re practical for everyday wear with their job,” Ariel explains. “Others are drawn to simplicity when it comes to engagement rings.” The Aira is an answer for both. Solitaire rings aren’t just for engagement or weddings, of course. Many Bario Neal clients buy rings like Aira to celebrate a graduation, sobriety, a promotion, or a friendship.

Bend Ring: We make our Bend Ring with a white diamond, a black diamond, or a fuchsia sapphire. However, you can personalize with another stone we source for you -- or bring us an heirloom stone. A family ring not your style? Have a small side stone from an engagement ring post-divorce? We can work with you to personalize the Bend Ring and create something brand-new. Plus, the shape and openness of the Bend Ring give it limitless potential when it comes to ring stacking, depending on your style. It looks beautiful with an Eternity Half Curved Diamond Narrow Band or our Gale Rose Cut Diamond Ring.

Ray Fringe Ring: The Ray’s fringe detail and half halo arc have garnered tons of fans among our clients over the years, so in 2018 when we designed our new Vibrant Collection by adding colorful gemstones to several classic Bario Neal rings, we knew Ray had to be invited to the jewelry festival. Pair with our Open Lash Ring (see below!) to create a true power couple.

Open Lash Mini: Double the double-takes with two small gemstones -- amplified by (hear that lovely echo?) impossibly delicate six-prong settings -- in our Open Lash Mini. This ring pairs perfectly with bold solitaire rings and bands. We’re ready for every color palette with this design too: Twin emeralds, yellow sapphires, fuchsia sapphires, blue sapphires, black diamonds, champagne diamonds, white diamonds, or -- drumroll, please -- contrast one black diamond and one white diamond.

Arc Diamond Halo Ring With Robin's Egg Blue Enamel: The ancient art of enameling gives an ethereal quality to this small stone ring. The colorful fused glass adds color and sets off a bright white diamond from Australia, all framed in metal. Bario Neal works with a master enamelist in Philadelphia on historic Jewelers Row to create our enamel jewelry.

Small stones can mean big love. Whether you’re shopping for an ethical, handcrafted engagement or wedding ring (or second engagement ring), or a subtle flash of gemstone to share with a friend (buying for just you is OK too), contact Bario Neal today. Make an appointment today to visit us in person at our Philadelphia or New York City showroom, or surf our newly updated site to find the perfect small stone ring.