The New Hexagonal Sapphire Cluster Ring

By Constance on April 14, 2016 at 9:54 am


Hexagonal Sapphire Cluster Ring

Introducing the dreamy new Hexagonal Sapphire Cluster Ring.

The concept of spring giving new life is one we fully embraced this year, choosing to debut the first part of our SS16 Lookbook, Spring Ceremony, highlighting an incredible new design”“ The Hexagonal Sapphire Cluster Ring.

The design combines a hexagon cut sapphire with an artfully clustered array of colored gemstones to create a gradient or ombre effect. Each hexagon is surrounded by an asymmetrically-placed champagne diamond, aquamarines, green-blue and seafoam sapphires. With an overall effect evoking a life-forming molecule, the Hex Sapphire Cluster ring is the perfect metaphor for a new beginning.


Hexagonal Sapphire Cluster Ring 14KY

The Hex Sapphire Cluster Ring looks great from any angle.


All of our gemstones are ethically sourced and of the highest quality, but these sapphires are special. In order for each gem’s inherent natural beauty and variation to shine, every arrangement is unique.

“Our hexagons are from Montana- go America! They are totally untreated from Gem Mountain. Each one is unique because they were cut in a way that saves as much of the original stone as possible.” ““Anna Bario


Natural variations in Hexagonal Sapphires from Montana

Natural variations in color and shape will occur in these Hexagonal Sapphires from Montana.

This cluster ring of colored gems in a sea of blue-green hues is a cool addition to both Spring fashion and bridal looks. The Hex ring is perfect for a bride looking for an alternative ring that shows off a strong sense of personal style.


Spring Ceremony, Bario Neal SS16 Lookbook. The Avens Round Cut Ring and the Curved Narrow Half-Eternity Band.

More new designs appear in our Spring Ceremony story, inspired by an artist’s touch.


Delicate, yet statement-making craftsmanship inspired the theme of pigment-tinted fingertips and vibrant colors. We adore the idea of the wearer as painter or other artist, in the studio, creating their own work, while wearing one of ours. From the artists of our handcrafted jewelry, the creative process extends to the wearer of a Bario Neal creation.

Joining the Sapphire Cluster Ring in this Spring story are two new classic designs, the Avens Round Cut Ring and the Curved Narrow Half-Eternity Band. In creating the story, we also reimagined our recent colored gemstone designs in Opal and Andalusite, and staples like the signature Linear Diamond Ring, into a complete collection to spark imaginations this SS16 and for seasons to come.

Shop Spring Ceremony and the SS16 Collection.


12 Days of Gifts: Limited Edition Cluster Gemstone Engagement Rings

By Constance on December 12, 2015 at 2:22 pm

Cluster Rings

No Twelve Days of Christmas would be the same without the five golden rings, so for the 5th day of gifts we are very excited to celebrate our Limited Edition Cluster Rings. We love gemstone engagement rings and these are two very special”“ they are both the only ones out there and ready to come home for the Holidays.


Limited Edition Gemstone rings for the Holidays 2015. Pariaba and Opal Cluster, Garnet asymmetrical avens, Andalucite cluster rings

Limited Edition Gemstone Cluster engagement rings for a special holiday proposal.


First up is a rare Paraiba Cluster Ring. This ring is truly a one-of-a-kind! Sure it looks beautiful here, but believe us when we say no photograph does it justice. This gemstone is one of the most precious and valuable in the world, and with one glance, it is easy to see just why. Glowing from within, this paraiba tourmaline is an almost electric shade of aqua, set above a small emerald-cut apricot sapphire and a .1ct diamond, in 14kt gold.


Limited Edition Gemstone

The Paraiba gemstone is one of the most precious and rare, even moreso for its ethical origins.


Next up, our Opal Cluster Ring features a similar design, set with complimentary-colored gemstones to bring out the natural swirling beauty of an ethically-sourced Australian opal. Also one-of-a-kind, this 14k rose gold ring is available in size 5.75.


The Opal Three Stone Cluster Ring pairs an iridescent opal with apricot and raspberry sapphires.


Drooling yet? Good news: these are ready to ship, so if you were hoping to gift or propose with a gorgeous gemstone engagement ring this Christmas, but missed our deadline for fine jewelry orders (bad news: as of today, we can no longer accept even rush orders for Holiday production of rings and bands), just order by 12/23 to have under the tree.  Or right now, because after these limited edition rings are gone, that’s it.


Fine jewelry bands and rings are not included in the Holiday sale. Please contact for details to see if this ring can be adjusted to your desired ring size.