Bario Neal is committed to environmental responsibility, ethical sourcing and marriage equality. Our jewelry is handcrafted in Philadelphia with reclaimed precious metals, Fairmined gold, and ethically sourced stones, using environmentally conscious practices.  

Bario Neal began in 2007 as a collaboration between then independent designers, Anna Bario and Page Neal. Anna and Page connected over an interest in the sculptural possibilities of jewelry and its potential for cultural resonance. For Anna & Page, this intrinsic value was at odds with the negative human and environmental impacts of the metal and gemstone industries, and the inequality of marriage rights. 

Anna & Page launched Bario Neal to make objects of lasting value while creating meaningful change within the jewelry industry. Bario Neal strives to be stakeholders in progressive sourcing and manufacturing initiatives as well as promoting traceability, transparency and marriage equality.

The company has expanded to include designer-jewelers Manuela Jimenez, Emily Cobb, Katie Dannenberg, and jeweler and production coordinator Tessa Kennedy. Alongside our jewelers, Bario Neal has grown with the help of our Design Administrator Sarah Maltais, sourcing and customer service manager Sara Reckahn, photographer and creative coordinator Constance Mensh, and customer liaisons Genevieve Fischer and Lauren Findlay.

As a small company, we have the freedom to innovate according to our design vision and our ethical commitments. We use this flexibility to try out new materials and sources, branch into new projects that reflect our evolving interests, and advocate for both global and local causes. We donate a percentage of our profits to many environmental and social justice organizations in whose missions we strongly believe, including Ethical Metalsmiths, EarthWorks, Freedom to Marry, Human Rights Campaign, and Planned Parenthood. Locally, we support Delaware Riverkeeper’s efforts to prevent fracking, as well as being actively engaged within our community, particularly the Philadelphia public schools.

Our jewelry is handmade in our Philadelphia store, which houses our open workshop. In addition to creating our own collections, we also work closely with clients to create custom pieces, including redesigned heirloom jewelry. Certain fabrication techniques are completed on Philadelphia’s Jeweler’s Row, a historic community of craftspeople.

Bario Neal works with ethically sourced stones, 100% reclaimed metals, and Fairmined gold whenever possible. Recent metals and gemstone mining industry initiatives, dedicated to improving transparency and accountability, have addressed the need to develop sustainable mining practices, utilize conflict-free gemstones, and push for labor initiatives to improve quality of life for both miners and workers in the cutting and polishing industries. We are among the first small-scale jewelry companies to become stakeholders in such initiatives. As early adopters, we aim to support the existence and expansion of systems that positively impact the jewelry industry and the mining and manufacturing communities that support it. Since our founding, we have been developing strong relationships with the most forward-thinking, ethical, and environmentally conscious sources for metals, gemstones, diamonds, and services available in the jewelry industry. Because these initiatives are still new to our industry, we remain committed to further research on sourcing with the utmost accountability. It is of great importance to us that we inform our customers of the most relevant information concerning the materials and products we offer, and to that end we regularly update and add to our informational blog.

Among our most recent efforts is our focus on ethical gold. Bario Neal is pleased to offer most pieces in our fine jewelry collection in Fairmined gold. The Fairmined gold certification ensures that the gold has been ethically extracted by artisanal and small-scale miners who are certified under the Fairmined standard. Fairmined certified miners are held to strict environmental, labor, and social and economic development standards. They are paid fair wages, work in safe environments, and mine on a small, environmentally conscious scale. For more in-depth information about Fairmined gold, please visit our blog.

Wedding rings are integral to our business, and we believe that everyone has the right to marry. Bario Neal supports and promotes the marriage equality movement through donations to organizations like Freedom to Marry and the Human Rights Campaign, celebrating victories and following new developments with our blog.

We are happy to discuss our sources in more detail, and encourage you to refer to our blog for more information about the materials we offer and the beliefs that drive our company.