Recycled Metals

Gold smelting   Working with recycled precious metals is an important part of our process at Bario-Neal. We focus on sourcing the most environmentally and socially responsible metals and stones possible. One hundred percent recycled precious metals are the best option currently available, as they don’t require additional mining. Our recycled silver, gold, palladium, and … Continue reading Recycled Metals

The Ever-challenging Quest for Recycled Chain

As of late, we’ve been getting a lot of emails from jewelers asking what they can do to help support the development of a more responsible jewelry industry. One of the biggest steps that you can take as a jeweler (other than being aware of the issues) simply involves talking to your suppliers about your … Continue reading The Ever-challenging Quest for Recycled Chain

Fairmined Gold

*From the Alliance for Responsible Mining website This article aims to keep our readers up to date on the complicated and nuanced path towards ethical and environmentally-conscious gold standards. More specifically, Bario Neal is currently committed to using Fairmined gold and plans to offer Fairtrade gold in the near future as well. In this article … Continue reading Fairmined Gold

Metal Mining: just a few basics

Below are a few basic facts about metals mining that Page & I gathered as part of our research when we started Bario-Neal. In other posts you can find more information about the recycled metals and ethically-sourced stones that we use, as well as projects like Fair Trade gold development at the Association for Responsible … Continue reading Metal Mining: just a few basics

Refinery Research

Refinery Research: Over the past year and a half we have researched refineries that use only recycled metals & fair trade metals- determined to find a local refinery we feel supports our principals. Most refineries will say that they use mostly recycled metals—this is true, particularly with precious metals. Precious metals are just too valuable … Continue reading Refinery Research

Rust Belt Practices

Rust Belt Practices: Sustainability as a concept has not been adequately defined, and we don’t think it is just a question of environmental awareness. For us, sustainability is an endless process and means much more than an eco-friendly tag on a product. It’s going to be a while before standards exist for recycled metals and … Continue reading Rust Belt Practices

One of a Kind Aluminum Collection

We are now thrilled to share our new limited edition Aluminum Collection. When first daydreaming of a new limited edition series, we challenged ourselves to create a body of work large in scale but also light weight.  The sculptural and airy bracelets and collar necklace highlight our handcraft as well as our exploration of new materials … Continue reading One of a Kind Aluminum Collection

Get Ready to Fall in Love with Emeralds

This season we introduce our Helia Collection, featuring emerald cut, octagonal cut, and pave emeralds, sourced from a mining collective located in the Province of Northern Zambia.     At Bario Neal we go above and beyond to create a high standard of ethics focused on traceable diamonds, colored gemstones, reclaimed precious metals, and Fairmined … Continue reading Get Ready to Fall in Love with Emeralds

An Interview with Alex Twersky from Finesse Diamonds about Kalahari Diamonds & Ethical Diamond Sourcing

Page talks with Alex Twersky, Vice-President of Finesse Diamonds about ethically sourced Kalahari diamonds and Finesse’s patented 88 cut.  Can you talk about the relationship between the Namibian mine and De Beers? Many of our customers don’t want to have anything to do with De Beers because of its bloody history. How are customers assured that the Kalahari diamonds … Continue reading An Interview with Alex Twersky from Finesse Diamonds about Kalahari Diamonds & Ethical Diamond Sourcing