The serpent is one of the most ancient and ubiquitous mythological animals representing rebirth, healing, wisdom, fertility, duality, and infinity. Our serpents are embellished with filigree patterns, emeralds, sapphires, diamonds, and rubies. At a time when women’s and LGBTQ+ rights are actively being threatened, we welcome the serpent as a shield of loving support and resurgence.

This filigree two headed serpent ring is adorned with emerald and blue sapphire.

Stones: (1) 1.7mm Emerald, (1) 1.3mm Emerald, (2) 1.3mm Blue Sapphire, (1) 1.5mm Blue Sapphire, (1) 1.7mm Blue Sapphire, (2) 2mm Blue Sapphire
Setting: bead set

All Bario Neal jewelry is handmade. Each piece is unique and variations are considered part of the beauty of the design.

Delivery Time

This made-to-order ring completes in 4 weeks + shipping time. If multiple products are ordered, your full order will ship upon completion of the product with the longest lead time. Contact us for details.

We offer Rush Service for this product. Rush Delivery Time is 2 weeks + shipping time for an additional $200. To inquire about rush service, please call our shop at 215-648-6570 or contact us.

Resizing & Returns

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Serpent Emerald and Sapphire Ring_1_WEB
Serpent Emerald and Sapphire Ring on figure
Serpent Emerald and Sapphire Ring_2_WEB
Serpent Emerald and Sapphire Ring on figure
Serpent Emerald and Sapphire Ring_4_WEB
Serpent Emerald and Sapphire Ring on figure


Where Our Stones Come From

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Diamond Origin

To us, ethical diamonds are more than just conflict-free. We work with a fully traceable supply chain, from mine to market. Our diamonds are primarily of recycled, Canadian and Australian origin, lab-grown.

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Metal Origin

Responsibly sourced metals are the cornerstone of our commitment to minimizing our environmental footprint. Conscientious craftsmanship begins with Fairmined and Recycled metal.

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Gemstone Origin

Gemstone sourcing is where we have the most direct relationships with miners and suppliers and can purchase nearly directly from individuals and cooperatives in ways that support sustainable development. Some of our suppliers provide micro-financing to small-scale mining operations to help them protect and restore the biodiversity of the lands they affect and assist financially with goals that positively impact their communities. Through these relationships, we’re able to provide high-quality, traceable gems while supporting an industry that is steadily moving towards rigorous environmental, labor, and health standards.


Your Footprint

Bario Neal was founded in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The city is still home to our flagship store and workshop, and we’re proud to be part of a thriving art, design, and makers’ community. All of our jewelry is crafted in-house or in collaboration with American makers, which allows us to reduce our environmental footprint and create products with minimal impact.

Environmentalism isn’t a trend at Bario Neal. Material sourcing, packaging, and the longevity of a design are a part of our process — we consider how a material will hold up in daily wear and how easily it can be recycled in fifty years.