Our jewelry is shipped fully insured via FedEx, with a signature required upon delivery. Ground service is available for shipments valued under $500.

Shipments valued above $500 but under $10,000 are sent FedEx 2-day or overnight.

Any packages valued over $10,000 are sent overnight.

2-day or overnight service can be arranged for any of our items upon request.

You can contact us with any questions regarding our shipments.


Payment We recommend international customers contact us to place an order via Paypal. Many international card-issuing banks do not support our Address Verification System and the card could be declined as a result of an address mismatch.

Taxes International orders are delivered duty unpaid, which means the purchaser is responsible for all import or customs duties, tariffs, or taxes.

Delivery Due to customs processing times, we cannot guarantee an exact delivery date for international orders. Shipments are sent via insured FedEx International service. Contact us with any questions regarding international shipments.

How do I know what metals a ring is offered in?

To view the full list of metals and their corresponding prices, click on “Build Band” or “Build Ring” on the right side of the page. If the band or ring is available in more than one width, you must first select the width you want from the “Width” drop-down menu. Next, a drop-down menu for “Size” will appear. Once you have selected your ring size, a drop-down menu for “Metal” will appear.

Are the rings available in different metals?

To view the full list of metals and their corresponding prices, click on “Build Band” or “Build Ring” on the right side of the page. If the band or ring is available in more than one width, you must first select the width from the “Width” drop-down menu. Next, a drop-down menu for “Size” will appear. Once you have selected your ring size, a drop-down menu for “Metal” will appear. Most rings are available in silver, palladium, 14kt yellow gold, 14kt Fairmined yellow gold, 14kt rose gold, 14kt white gold, 18kt yellow gold, 18kt Fairmined yellow gold, 18kt white gold, and platinum.

How do I view the total price of a band or ring?

Once you have made your selections in the width (if applicable), size, and metal drop-down menus as described above, the total price will be calculated at the bottom of the “Build Band” or  “Build Ring”  box. 

Please note that prices are the same for all sizes 4.5 to 7.5 and 8 to 11.

The finish (matte or polish) will not change the price of the band or ring. Engraving charges are listed separately, beneath the drop-down menu for finish.

Please note that while the price reflects the options you have selected from the drop-down menus, the image of the ring may not.

How do I see the price for a band or ring in a specific material or millimeter width?

On the right side of the page you will find several boxes with drop-down menus. Fill in the drop-down menus from top to bottom. First select the width and ring size. Next, select a metal. Once all the required drop-down menus have been filled in, the correct price will appear below the drop-down menus.

I need help deciding on the width of my ring.

Please see the ring width sizing chart below.

What is the difference between the height and width of a ring?

Imagine placing  your hand flat on a table. The height of a ring refers to the vertical thickness of a ring, while the width refers to the horizontal thickness of a ring. Illustration below.


What do the different engraving fonts look like?

Please see images below for the font names and examples. For engraving dates, please note that slash marks ( / ) do not engrave well inside a ring. We recommend periods ( . ) or hyphens ( - ) instead. For example, 5.1.14 or 05-01-14.


What do the different metal finishes look like?

Please see the images below for the finishes we offer.


Over time the polish finish will dull to an almost satin finish as it picks up scratches through everyday wear. Rings can be re-polished to bring back the original luster.

The subdued appearance of the matte finish does not last quite as long as a polish finish. Rings with matte finishes will mark relatively easily, appearing brighter where it is scratched. However, a ring can be refinished easily.

The satin finish holds up the longest as the scratches from everyday wear usually add to the semi-polished look of rings with this finish. This finish can also be easily redone. We do not offer the satin finish for rings with gemstones as the stones could scratch or fall out when the finish is applied to the surface of the ring.  

What options do I have for custom enamel colors?

Please see images below for the custom enamel colors we offer. $65 will be added to the price of any piece with one of these colors. If you have another color in mind, please contact us with a color sample. $110 will be added to the price of any piece with a custom color not on the color chart below. Pieces with custom enamel colors are not returnable.


If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, most non-custom items may be exchanged or returned for a refund within 30 days of receipt. This includes rings with rough diamonds, colored gemstones, and cut diamonds that are under 0.25 carat. Please consult individual descriptions to see the return policy for each piece. Returns and exchanges of select rings will be charged a restocking fee equal to 15% of the cost of the ring. Engraved items will be charged a $50 engraving removal fee in addition to the restocking fee. Shipments valued over $1,000 require an insured shipping label; we are happy to provide the label for $28. Please email inquiries@bario-neal.com for more information.

The following items cannot be returned for a refund or exchange:
     • Custom pieces or custom variations.
     • One full size larger or smaller than what is offered on our site.
     • The Baguette Diamond Band
     • Enameled Rings
     • For rings with cut diamonds 0.25 carat and above, the diamond is not returnable. We will work with you to exchange, adjust, or return the ring that the stone is set in.

Please contact inquiries@bario-neal.com to receive our return and resizing form.

Please see our Band Resizing page for bands from the collection that need to be adjusted within two sizes up or down from current size 
Please see our Engagement Rings or Bands with Stones Resizing page for rings that need to be resized within two sizes up or down from current size 
Please contact: inquiries@bario-neal.com for bands that need to be sized up or down more than two sizes beyond current size.
If you would prefer sizing beads rather than having your ring resized please see our Sizing Beads page.
RESIZE LIMITS: Sizing up more than 1/2 size for the rings listed below may cause the weave to look different. Sizing down more than 1 size may require extra time (up to 3 weeks). Sizing down textured bands like the Fishtail band below a size 4 may cause the texture to look different at the area where it was resized.
  • Aldine 
  • Aldine Thin 
  • Fishtail Band
  • Fishtail Band with Diamond
  • Aparna Ring
  • Aparna Diamond Ring
The following bands require an additional Re-enameling fee of $65
  • Senna Thin
  • Enameled Arc Band

The following bands require an additional charge of $20 If resize is more than 1 full size

  • Milla Square with Rims 
  • Weathered Bronze 
The following bands are NOT able to be resized:
  • Knottedrush
  • Milla Ultra Thin
  • Milla Ultra Thin Round
  • Milla Ultra Thin Hammered
  • Senna Narrow
  • Senna Talll
  • Eternity Band
  • Narrow Eternity Band
  • Baguette Diamond Band
  • Beadset Diamond Band
  • Channel Narrow Band
  • Burnished Diamond Band
  • Allium Band
  • Allium Enameled band

Returns and exchanges of the rings listed will be charged a restocking fee equal to 15% of the cost of the ring.


  1.  ship via FedEx ONLY to: bario-neal 700 s. 6th street philadelphia pa 19147 (215) 454-2164 
  2. please avoid making deliveries that will arrive at Bario-Neal on a Saturday, Sunday, or Monday (check with FedEx for delivery dates) 
  3. shipments valued over $500 must be sent 2-day or Overnight 
  4. if your shipment is valued at $1,000 or more, please call or email us before shipping. FedEx will not insure your package over $1000, so we will email you an insured FedEx label for $28. 
  5. Bario-Neal is not responsible for returning your packaging; please do not enclose jewelry in boxes or other packaging that you want back.
  6. Please enclose a copy of your resizing receipt in the box 

Bario-Neal boutique jewelry is packaged in 100% recycled glass bottles & muslin bags.


How do I clean my ring?

It is best to have your jewelry professionally cleaned by Bario Neal or another jeweler. For a simple cleaning at home, we recommend mixing Dawn dish soap in warm water, soaking your ring or other jewelry for five minutes, and using a soft bristled baby toothbrush to gently clean behind stones or settings. Air dry, then finish with a polishing cloth. We do not recommend chemical jewelry cleaners because they can damage certain stones.

Why is the matte or polished finish on my ring fading?

No surface finish is permanent. Daily wear leads to small scratches on the surface of a polished ring. The accumulation of this wear will eventually make a polished ring look less polished and more matte. On the other hand, wearing a matte ring will eventually make the finish look more polished and less matte. Over time, all finishes tend toward the middle and will eventually look more like a satin finish. If you would like to refresh the matte or polished finish of your ring, Bario Neal or can re-matte or re-polish it for you.

Should I have my gemstone settings checked?

All gemstone rings, especially those with prong settings, should be checked for security annually and worn with relative care. We use our hands constantly, and bumps to the stone or metal can cause shifts and looseness. Rough diamonds are not designed for jewelry in the way cut diamonds are. For that reason, they should be worn with extra care and checked frequently to be sure the prongs are tight and the diamond is secure.

What do I do if I lost a small stone from my ring?

Pave and channel set melee diamonds will occasionally fall out, especially on bands with diamonds all the way around. Within 3 months of purchase, Bario Neal will replace melee diamonds at no charge.

Please see our Ring Buying Guide on our blog for more in-depth information about metals, gemstones, diamonds, and styles of rings.

Can my enamel ring be repaired?

Glass enamel is more delicate than metal and can be damaged over time through impact with hard surfaces. Enamel rings can be repaired, and our standard fee for re-enameling is $60.


Much of our jewelry is made-to-order, and will ship four to six weeks after your order is placed. Some pieces are stocked and available for shipment. The chart below is for general reference, please consult individual item descriptions for the lead time for each piece.



If you have questions about in-stock items or rush orders, please contact us.



Product Type

Lead Time

Is Rush Service Available

In Stock Items

1 week + shipping

Yes - on some items

Collection Items, including Wedding Bands & Engagement Rings

4 - 6 weeks + shipping

Select bands with stones: 6 - 8 weeks + shipping

Yes - on some items, but not sooner that 3 weeks

Enameled Rings

6 - 8 weeks + shipping

No – contact us for more details


Custom Jewelry

Following completion of design and stone sourcing, production is a minimum of 8 weeks + shipping

No - contact us for more details




Bario Neal was awarded 2012 Best of Fine Jewelry for Philadelphia Magazine


Bario Neal is a member of the Jeweltree Foundation which promotes transparency and international best practice standards within the jewelry industry. Their certification criteria encompass human rights, environmental standards, and transparency accountability. The Jeweltree Foundation aims to promote free trade for small artisanal miners and mining cooperatives. Additionally, Jeweltree helps small scale miners gain easy and direct access to the international market, market information, and new development. 


Bario Neal supports Ethical Metalsmiths and contributes to their efforts to create a more sustainable industry. Ethical Metalsmiths is committed to leading jewelers and consumers in becoming informed activists for responsible mining, sustainable economic development, and verified, ethical sources for gold, diamonds, and other materials used for jewelry. Ethical Metalsmiths' vision is a world in which people can create and enjoy jewelry made with materials from responsible sources that respect and protect the earth, and its people and cultures.

Bario Neal co-owner Anna Bario currently serves as board member for Ethical Metalsmiths.


Bario Neal is grateful for funding provided by the Merchants Fund, which enabled us to open our first retail space in the Bella Vista neighborhood of Philadelphia. The Merchants Fund is a Philadelphia-based charity established in 1854 to provide charitable gifts to business owners facing financial hardship. It evolved from the Mercantile Beneficial Association, an organization that supported small businesses by providing business advice, networking opportunities, and protection from financial failure or default due to illness, old age, or disability before the advent of insurance and pension plans.


Bario Neal thanks Eileen Fisher for awarding us the Eileen Fisher Women-Owned Business Grant. The grant program recognizes women-owned businesses that combine the principles of social consciousness and sustainability to create new businesses or invigorate existing ones with a solid business plan and strategy for long-term growth.


Bario Neal is a member of the Human Rights Campaign (HRC). As the largest national lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender civil rights organization, HRC envisions an America where LGBT people are ensured of their basic equal rights and can be open, honest, and safe at home, work, and in the community.


Bario Neal is a member of the No Dirty Gold Campaign, an international campaign that supports the-delete efforts of many groups and businesses around the world who are working to end dirty gold mining practices. Visit No Dirty Gold to learn more.