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5 Engagement Ring Redesign Ideas Post-Divorce

Have you recently gone through a divorce and are unsure of what to do with your engagement ring and wedding band? Many of our clients do not feel quite right selling their rings but don't want to continue wearing them. We believe at Bario Neal that redesigning your ring can be an empowering experience. Redesigning your engagement or wedding rings allows you to repurpose the materials from the original design and embrace your new beginning with an emblem of self-love.

A beautiful ring delicately held by a woman's hand on a table.

We know that your jewelry collection holds deep meaning, and after a divorce, it can be a challenging experience to see your engagement ring without feeling a surge of emotions. Instead of disposing of or selling your ring, we offer custom redesigns to give your beloved pieces a fresh start. Rather than designing a piece of jewelry from newly sourced materials, we can reuse the diamonds and gemstones (in other words, your heirloom materials) in your new design. Not only will it help you associate your jewelry with new memories, but it's also a great sustainable option

Whether you're already set on a redesign or need some inspiration, we're here to help. We've assembled five custom jewelry redesign ideas you can explore with Bario Neal.

1. Imperfect Heirlooms with Bario Neal:

Our first recommendation isn't so much a proper recommendation but two examples of how seemingly "imperfect" heirlooms found new meaning in a thoughtful redesign. Both Bario Neal co-founders, Anna Bario and Page Neal, have experience redesigning their families' "imperfect" heirlooms, adding even more depth and significance to the sentimental pieces. In Anna’s case, she chose to redesign her dad’s wedding band for her husband, despite her parent’s divorce. “I’m my parents’ only child, so that ring still held value to me,” Anna states.  

“I kept it all this time, and eventually melted it, reformed it, and re-engraved it for my partner. The thing is, it wasn’t shameful or wrong to use the ring because they got divorced. That relationship played its course; from what they told me, it was  beautiful and then just became impossible, as so many relationships do. So I want to carry that forward, as true to life as it is.”

Anna Bario

Anna’s story is a beautiful example of taking an heirloom and repurposing the materials to mirror the fluidity of life - creating a modern heirloom to be passed down for generations. 

In Page’s case, she made a special present for her sister – repurposing the diamonds from their father’s first engagement. “My dad was engaged before he met my mother and obviously, it didn’t work out. My sister, mom and I always joked about the ‘secret ring’ we once found tucked away in his desk when we were little and snooping around,” says Page. “Fast forward ten years later, my sister asked me to make her a gold and diamond bangle when she graduated from college. She had the genius idea to pop out the diamonds from the secret engagement ring, and when we showed it to my parents, my dad seemed really happy to have the stones repurposed. An imperfect, secret heirloom – with a new life.

Life is full of unexpected twists and turns, so why should your jewelry stay static? Rather than discarding or selling your old engagement ring, Bario Neal will help you repurpose your heirloom jewels so your jewelry can be as versatile as you are.

2. Earrings that Shine from the Source:

Pink box with earrings and ring.

We recommend redesigning your existing diamonds and gemstones by creating a stunning pair of custom earrings. This option provides versatility, as you can create complex cluster earrings based on the number of stones in your engagement ring. To get inspiration, you can check out this custom design. If you prefer something simpler, you can opt for a pair of diamond stud earrings by customizing our Lash Diamond Stud to fit with your heirloom diamonds.

3. The Personal Touch of a Pendant:

Another great way to reimagine your old engagement ring is to explore a custom necklace design. A gorgeous diamond or gemstone pendant adds a touch of sentimentality to your new redesign. There are many ways to incorporate your heirloom stones into a necklace, such as featuring a single stone or experimenting with our burst cluster necklace design. Check out some of our popular pendant designs below:

4. Wrap Your Wrist in Renewed Memories:

If you have an engagement ring that you'd like to repurpose after a divorce, consider resetting its stones into a beautiful custom bracelet. This option gives your ring a new life and lets you wear it in a different form, adding elegance and versatility to your jewelry collection. At Bario Neal, we'll collaborate with you to design the perfect bracelet that incorporates your engagement ring gems in a way that honors your story. You can enclose your jewels in a reticulated hammered band or watch them dangle from our iconic Lei chain bracelet.

5. Small Changes, Big Differences:

After a divorce, you might consider changing your engagement ring to give it a new look and feel. You don't necessarily have to make drastic changes. Even simple changes like altering the metal on your band can make a huge difference. You can also experiment with the placement of diamonds and gemstones, try out different band shapes, and even switch the finger you wear your ring on. From solitaire to cluster, our signature rings allow you to utilize your heirloom materials in your personal style.

Custom Cluster Rings:

Close up of a custom designed cluster ring made of sapphires
Custom Bi-Color Sapphire Cluster Ring

These rings are highly customizable, featuring a burst of gemstones. Cluster rings are a great style option because they can incorporate a variety of gemstones to create a unique design.

Custom Solitaire Rings:

Close up of a solitaire yellow-gold ring featuring a single diamond center stone
Custom Diamond Solitaire Gold Ring

Solitaire rings are a timeless ring style that showcases a single, stunning gemstone. The simplicity of the design emphasizes the beauty and brilliance of the stone, so this style of ring is perfect if you have a single stone that you want to showcase.

Custom Halo Rings:

Custom Heliodor, Diamond, and Smokey Quartz Halo Ring in 14kt Yellow Gold
Custom Heliodor, Diamond, and Smokey Quartz Halo Ring

Halo Rings typically have a large center stone surrounded by smaller gemstones or enamel, creating a halo effect. This style is highly versatile, allowing for great customization options. Check out this beautiful custom Halo ring!

Custom Bands:

Custom Quill Band with alexandrite stones placed throughout
Custom Alexandrite Quill Band

Bario Neal creates unique custom bands that are truly one-of-a-kind. Whether you prefer hammered and textured metal bands or linear gemstone bands, the possibilities are endless. If your heirloom materials are smaller or you don't want to highlight the gemstones from your previous design, a custom band may be the perfect choice. You can even make your band even more special by engraving a special message. 

Bario Neal is an excellent resource if you need help with the reinvention process. Our Sales team can provide guidance, and our Design & Production team can offer expertise to simplify the process.

Close up of a hand wearing two rings; One linear cluster diamond ring, where each diamond is set in a different cut, and another linear yellow sapphire band.

Ready for a custom redesign? Visit us virtually or in our Philadelphia or New York showrooms and start your redesign journey! To learn more about our custom design process, check out our website.