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How to Choose the Perfect Teal Sapphire Engagement Ring

At Bario Neal, distinct, non traditional wedding jewelry is our specialty. For the spouse-to-be who may want to incorporate colored gemstones into their engagement ring, teal sapphires are a striking choice. Teal, which we usually refer to as "blue green", is a versatile color that can take on different tones and shades. Teal can have many variations in its harmonious blend of blues and greens, sometimes with undertones of gray or brown. These variations offer a wide range of options for incorporating teal into different color palettes.

A close up of some of our teal sapphires reveals subtle variations in color play

Teal sapphires are mined around the world, from the river deposits of Rock Creek, Montana to the gem fields of Central Queensland, Australia. Montana sapphires are near and dear to our hearts - we’ve been working with them for over a decade. We love these USA mined gemstones because of their rich, vibrant color and high quality. Sapphires are, in general, easier to trace from mine to market than natural mined diamonds are. This enables a high level of control in our stone sourcing process and peace of mind for our conscious customers.

This custom teal sapphire ring shows the versatility of this blue green color range

Once you’ve decided that this dreamy ocean colored gemstone is the one, the next step is to pick a shape/cut and setting. How about a stunning solitaire, like our vintage inspired Myrtle Blue Green Sapphire Ring? Or are you more interested in incorporating smaller sapphires into a delicate cluster, like this Custom Blue Green Sapphire and Green Tourmaline Cluster Ring? Teal sapphires are a beautiful accent stone to compliment a white diamond, as seen in this Custom Diamond and Trillion Cut Blue Green Sapphire Cluster Ring. They create a beautiful ombre when paired with the warm champagne diamonds and cool aquamarine in our Radial Cluster Diamond Ring 1ct. An excellent compliment to heirloom diamonds, teal sapphires bring out the sparkle in these storied stones while adding a dash of color.

Our Radial Cluster Diamond Ring 2ct is an upsized show-stopper of a cluster

Now that we’ve peaked your interest, let’s discuss what factors should be considered when shopping for a teal sapphire engagement ring:

Color & Clarity

Teal is a medium to dark greenish-blue color that falls on the color spectrum between green and blue. We use the term “blue green” in our collection to describe sapphires whose subtle hues can be specified as teal, aqua, robin’s egg blue, or sea foam. Sapphires may contain visible inclusions, which can resemble small feathers or crystals. Heat treating can improve clarity and dissolve visible inclusions, though some of our customers prefer more included stones for their unique, special look. Color zoning is another natural occurrence in these teal beauties (as seen in this Custom Bi-Color Sapphire Cluster Ring), creating a watercolor-esque blend of blues and greens. The intensity of color and clarity is something to take into consideration when you’re planning your budget - paler, more included teal sapphires will be more affordable than brighter, clearer stones.

The subtle yellow undertones in this oval sapphire are complimented by the warmth of champagne diamonds in this Custom Blue Green Sapphire and Champagne Diamond Halo Ring


Sapphires are rated a 9 on the Mohs Hardness Scale. This means that, aside from diamonds, they are some of the hardest gemstones available to set in jewelry. This also means that your setting options are plentiful and not limited by the integrity of you gemstone of choice. The protective, modern look of a bezel in our Allium Octad Blue Green Sapphire Ring and this gorgeous Custom Blue Green and White Sapphire Ring create a chic profile that won’t snag on clothing. If you love the minimal look of prongs, the Avens Blue Green Sapphire Ring offers this classic setting with a pop of color.

This custom sapphire signet ring was inspired by the jewelry of Ancient Rome

Shape & Cut

Round teal sapphires are timeless and versatile and can compliment any finger, setting, and side stone choice. Fancy cut shapes such as hexagons, pears, and ovals, stand strongly alone as solitaires (check out this custom Custom Hex Green Sapphire Solitaire Ring), or as a component in dynamic cluster rings, like this Green Sapphire and Aquamarine Cluster Ring.

This Custom Tourmaline, Blue Green Sapphire, and Diamond Cluster Band fits seamlessly with it's hexagonal sapphire solitaire companion ring.


In general, a teal sapphire won’t set you back as much as a natural diamond will when engagement ring shopping - though actual pricing will depend on size, color, and clarity. By opting for a sapphire as opposed to a diamond in your ring, your budget can be freed up to allow for a large center stone or more side stones to create the sapphire cluster of your dreams, like this elegant Custom Blue Green Sapphire & Diamond Cluster Ring. We work with all budgets and are proud to produce ethical gemstone rings that can be purchased for $2,000 - $2,500.

Our Myrtle Blue Green Sapphire Ring is a nod to vintage styles with a contemporary twist of color

To sum it up, if you’re thinking about incorporating teal sapphires into your engagement ring, DO IT. We will help you choose the perfect piece from our Bario Neal collection or guide you through our custom design process to create a completely bespoke ring for you and/or your partner. Book an appointment virtually or in person at our Philadelphia or Brooklyn locations to get started!