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The First-Time Ring-Wearer’s Guide to Wedding Bands

Don’t let the thought of sliding a wedding ring onto your always-been-naked hand keep you up at night. While this new piece of jewelry may seem strange at first, the feeling will quickly pass. “For people who have never worn any jewelry before, the thought of wearing a ring every single day is a little scary,” says Ariel Yaroslawitz, Bario Neal Sales Director. “Men, in general, are a bit more frightened by the idea of feeling something on their hand between their fingers.”

We’ve heard all the first-timers’ questions, and we’ve compiled them here — with our expert answers.  

What should I expect from the feel of a wedding ring on my finger if I’ve never worn jewelry before?

Ariel’s advice for finding the right wedding band fit for you: Visit Bario Neal’s showrooms, in Philadelphia or New York City, and try wedding bands on. “A lot of people come in thinking they don't want to feel a wedding band at all, so they go for a lighter weight, more narrow band. Then they try on a comfort fit band and they think that is more comfortable,” she says. “It really is a personal preference.”

You’ll find multiple sizes available to try on at Bario Neal. Even if we don’t have your exact size in every style, you’ll be able to get a good idea for the feel of a wedding band when you visit.

If you’ve never worn a ring before, expect a break-in period once you have your ring in the right size. Ariel says to give yourself about three weeks or so to adapt. After that, the majority of people can’t imagine ever wanting to take their wedding band off. (See below for advice about when you should though.)

Close up of a hand wearing four thin bands

What does “comfort fit” mean?

“Comfort fit” is a jewelry industry term that means the interior of the band is slightly rounded versus being flat. The band will glide on and off your finger more easily and provide a softer feel between your fingers.

Bario Neal's Milla Round Comfort Bands come in multiple widths, from 2 to 8 mm. The Milla Square Comfort Band is a more industrial-looking, square-shaped band that also comes in several widths and has that same comfort interior.

What comfort means, of course, differs as much as fingerprints. Ariel says not everyone likes the chunkier feel of comfort fit, and some clients prefer a ring that's more minimal or lower-profile.

“If someone doesn’t want to notice or feel a ring at all, I direct them to bands that are more narrow, with a lighter weight, for a closer fit to the finger like our Milla Round Narrow Band,” she says. “The 3 or 4 mm width are nice for a masculine style. Our Milla Thin Band is a basic minimal band that's more feminine looking and easy for everyday wear.”

What are some signs that I am wearing the wrong size ring and what should I do if my ring feels uncomfortable?

If your ring feels uncomfortably tight or is flying off your hand easily, you might need to resize. A wedding band shouldn’t be really tough to remove or leave an indent on your skin when you take it off. That’s too small. If the ring slips off without any effort, it’s likely too big and could easily be misplaced.

Ariel says she’s had many clients visit the showroom worried that a wedding band is too tight. Don’t be surprised if the sales team asks about diet and weather, and if you’ve been walking (or flying). Your hands can swell after a walk on a hot and humid day, or get smaller after a crisp fall stroll. Consuming alcohol or a really salty meal can change the shape of your fingers temporarily and make a ring feel tighter too. For those reasons, Ariel says, "If you've never worn a ring before, it could take a few seasons to get a ring to the right size” amid shifts in weather and your activities. “We had one client who lost his wedding ring a few times while raking the leaves,” she says.

Life changes like pregnancy and weight loss or weight gain also affect ring fit. Be aware that if you purchase a ring and are planning to lose weight, you might have to go through the resizing process. In the case of pregnancy, Ariel says, it’s not unusual for women with hand swelling to have to take their rings off for a few months. She suggests not rushing quickly to resize after you’ve had a baby and waiting at least six weeks. Sometimes after a pregnancy, it can take months for your body to stabilize, or pregnancy might change your hands permanently so you’ll need to resize.

If you’re very concerned about sizing and not sure about fit, visit a Bario Neal showroom. We’re happy to help. All of Bario Neal's bands without stones can be resized up or down within two full ring sizes.

What should I know about ring sizing if I want to stack rings together on one finger?

"One ring is going to feel different on your finger than when you try to stack two or more," Ariel says. "So if you are stacking a wider band with a narrow ring, for sizing purposes you want to go up a quarter size.”

Here are two ring stacking examples that illustrate how this works.

  • Start with a Milla Round Wide Band at 5mm. Then add an Eternity Blue Sapphire Band  in the middle, and finish with an Allium Diamond Ring with Notch (as your engagement ring). For this stack, think about sizing up the Milla Band one-quarter.

Should I ever take my wedding ring off?

Yes, there are times when you should store your ring somewhere safe to prevent damaging the ring or losing it. We recommend taking off rings to work out and garden, and for fun like rock climbing and sailing. Water lovers: there’s a reason you see metal detectors on the beach. Rings easily slip off in cold water as fingers shrink in the water at the ocean (or in a swimming pool). Ariel says she sees wedding band reorders spike in the summer when swimmers don’t remove their rings.

Close up of hand wearing a thin band and a band of sapphires on the ring finger

Do I need to do anything special to take care of my wedding ring?

Proper care begins with choosing the right wedding ring for your lifestyle. That’s why the Bario Neal sales team asks clients about their work and hobbies during our ring shopping appointments. Do you use your hands a lot in your job or work somewhere a large diamond might not be a fit? Are you an avid rock climber or a sculptor? Based on your answers, we’ll guide you to the best decisions for you on gemstones, metals, and settings.

Once you’re wearing your ring, there’s no need to put bubble wrap on your hand. Those new to jewelry can start with our easy “5 Simple Tips for Caring for Your Engagement Ring or Wedding Bands.”

If you've never worn rings and you are just getting the hang of ring sizing and what's comfortable for you, let the Bario Neal team be your first-time guide. Make an appointment today, and we’ll find your perfect fit.