9 Ways to Cheer Your Life, Friends, and Family With a New Ring

Whether you’re looking to buy matching rings with a BFF or relative, or gift yourself with a personalized ring to mark a big achievement, the jewelry-myth-busting Bario Neal team is with you. We asked our staff and gathered nine applause-worthy ideas that break handcrafted jewelry free from tired stereotypes and honor special relationships all at the same time. Ditch the clichés of Valentine’s Day. Forget about waiting for the perfect moment. There’s so much more to celebrate about the many ways we love and live.

“I would gift the Crescent Thin Band and the Crescent Diamond Ring to two of my closest friends who both hiked off to L.A. a couple years ago. Sending them both witchy vibes and love.” — Page Neal, Principal + Lead Designer

Like embarking on a challenging solo hike, the understated design of our Nikko collection rings will speak to anyone who prizes the romance of independence. The Nikko Curved Band is priced accessibly ($165) and the subtle wave is a reminder of how we each get through life’s highs and lows. Or add a gemstone to nod to a special milestone or relationship with our Nikko Morganite Ring or Nikko Pear Ring.

“My mom and sister are my best friends, and we all live in different places that are both long and short plane rides away. I would pick Aira Mini Diamond Rings for my sister and I, and the Open Lash Champagne Diamond Ring for my mom so that she has two stones to signify each of her daughters on one finger living all together in one world!” — Ariel Yaroslawitz, Sales Director

“I would have to choose the Open Lash Rings for me and my BFFs, Savannah and Sarah. Since you can personalize with many gemstones, we could each have our own customized rings while still sharing the same design. They also fit nicely with other rings so as the years go on, we could create an awesome stack to represent our long friendship.” — Jenny Weger, Digital Marketing Coordinator

“My friend Darnell moved out to Los Angeles last year, and I really miss the days we spent museum-hopping, hiking, or wandering the weird towns of upstate New York. I’d pick a set of Reticulated One Blue Sapphire Bands for us to wear on our pinkies — a spacey hue that speaks to our nerdy, out-there friendship.” — Sarah D. Francks, Creative Director

Remake the old and usher in forward-looking vibes with a new ring that uses your own gemstones. They can be from a family ring that’s not your style, or an engagement ring after divorce. We can work with you to take those gemstones and create a custom design cluster ring that shapes a new story for you to tell. We can also take smaller stones and set them in rings from our Lash collection, a Bend Ring, and more.

“My childhood BFF and I were basically sisters. Neither one of our families had a dime to spare, and the threat of losing our homes was always looming. One day I plan on getting us matching diamond rings. The Aira Mini Diamond Ring visually represents the forward motion of our lives: from an unknown space, to living lives with endless possibilities and richness.” — Tessa Kennedy, Production & Design Director

“I’d get my bestie Jenna the Ray Fringe Champagne Diamond Ring. We already have the same name and basically the same personality, so why not add matching rings to the mix?! The champagne-colored diamond is unique, and I love that this ring can be worn on its own or in a stack.” — Jenna DuBose, Creative Assistant

“I’d love to have matching Baguette Solitaire Diamond Rings with my BFF, a nod to our love of French food and the many cheese boards we have shared over a glass of wine.” — Sarah Rachel Brown, Sales + Shipping Coordinator

Because we wholeheartedly endorse self-gifting, find more ideas and staff recommendations in “Bario Neal’s Guide to Giving Jewelry as a Gift.” Contact us to make an appointment or visit our Philadelphia or New York City showroom to get started on your celebratory, congratulatory, or new story design.

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