Bario Neal Hand Model Jazman Loves These 6 Handcrafted Rings

You might have seen our hand model Jazman Dobson wearing dozens of Bario Neal rings on social media. (Clients who follow us on Instagram and Facebook get fun, pretty pics daily and the latest news on collections and new releases.) We work with Jazman to help people browsing our jewelry visualize how our ethically sourced and handcrafted gemstone rings look when worn.

Jazman had modeled but had never done hand modeling, when she met Bario Neal’s Creative Director, Sarah Francks, at a party. “Sarah asked about the ring I was wearing and noticed my hands and asked me if I would be interested,” Jazman recalls. She has been an integral part of our photography team ever since.

After wearing the rings in our collections during modeling sessions at our Philadelphia studio and showroom, Jazman has an insider’s perspective on Bario Neal jewelry and production. “They’ll have a roster of rings they want to shoot, and sometimes they will have 40 or 50 rings to photograph. Some shoots are fashion-forward. Some have a theme,” Jazman says. “Everyone at Bario Neal is so sweet. I always look forward to working with them.” (The feeling is so mutual.)

For the 10th anniversary of Bario Neal Principals + Lead Designers Anna Bario and Page Neal starting the ethical jewelry company, Jazman was part of a joyful shoot that involved Jello confetti. That’s when we released our vibrant, celebratory Dez Opal with Rainbow Halo Ring and Dez Half Eternity Round Rainbow Band. “I had really fun nails, pink with glitter for that one,” Jazman says. “We’ve also popped champagne before at a shoot. When it’s nice out, we go outside. They are all really different and creative. Sometimes we do straightforward shoots to just show off the gorgeous rings with a natural nail color.”

She says that whatever the theme of the shoot, she always looks forward to modeling for Bario Neal. “I love that they are a small jewelry company founded by two women. I love that their jewelry is made with all ethically sourced metals and gemstones and that they know where they are getting all those materials,” Jazman says. “And I love that they are all about marriage equality and inclusiveness. That’s very important to me.”

Who better to ask for top Bario Neal ring picks than the effortlessly graceful Jazman? Here, her fave six.   

1. Lash Raw Diamond Ring

This is a low-set solitaire ring with a .50 carat-1.15 carat ethically sourced raw diamond in a classic round band. Our newest design for this ring puts the earthy diamond in our popular Lash setting, with three close prongs strikingly contrasted with a single prong.  

I love the claw design of the bold prong setting, and I love the raw diamond,” Jazman says. “The Lash design is so pretty. A matte gold band contrasts with the natural diamond so perfectly.”

2. Avens Asymmetrical Raw Diamond with Yellow Sapphire Ombré Ring

This cluster ring centers a prong-set .50 carat-1.15 carat raw diamond and then gets asymmetrical — with two apricot sapphires and a yellow sapphire on one side of the diamond and only one of each stone on the other side. We also handcraft this ring with a cushion cut diamond for our Avens Asymmetrical Diamond Cushion with Champagne Ombré Ring, among many other variations. See all the options on our Cluster Rings page.

“Love, love, love. I think this is my top pick,” Jazman says. “When Bario Neal asked me to choose my favorites for this blog post, I put a bunch of stars next to this one. I am so amazed by it. I love yellow, and I love the way yellows and golds look on my skin. Plus I like the raw diamond, and I love seeing it surrounded by the apricot sapphires and yellow sapphire. Also, the claw is everything to me.”

3. Avens Diamond Radiant Ring

This classic solitaire ring is available with a prong set 1.5 carat-2.0 carat radiant cut diamond or a princess cut diamond.

“Classic. Big diamond. Who doesn’t love it? Every time I’ve put this on, I can’t help but go ‘ooooooooooh,'” Jazman says.

4. Stellium Aquamarine with Diamond Halo Ring

This is a classic halo ring with a pale, cool blue aquamarine stone encircled by 22 .01 carat diamonds. Many suppliers don’t want to invest in tracing smaller diamonds, also known as melee, for ring designs like this halo ring or for eternity rings. Bario Neal assures that our diamond suppliers are willing to go above and beyond to verify the ethical sourcing of their stones of all sizes.

“I wore this two shoots ago, and I was like, ‘YES!’ And I just found out that my boyfriend’s birthstone is aquamarine, for March,” Jazman says. “I tend to go for simple designs but when I don’t — I go for a big design like this that stands out.”

5. Dez Opal with Rainbow Halo Ring

Delicate opals need a little more care than tough diamonds, but they are worth it. (See our “9 Do’s and Don’ts for Pretty Opal Rings.”) Throughout history, they’ve been considered magical, in part because of their power to show all colors and be a neutral stone that works with so many other gems. We tapped into that aesthetic power with the Dez Opal with Rainbow Halo Ring, whose array of gemstones includes a rhodolite garnet, fuchsia sapphire, mandarin sapphire, yellow sapphire, green tourmaline, tsavorite garnet, emerald, London blue topaz, blue sapphire, light blue sapphire, blue green sapphire, and a pink sapphire. The round band makes this halo ring easy to stack with other rings too.

“I love the halo design,” Jazman says. “I do reiki, and I when I see this ring, I think, I really need that for my healing sessions. It gives me a healing vibe, with all the colors and the opal.” (Reiki is a Japanese technique of gentle touch therapy.) “I love gemstones and all their different healing properties,” Jazman adds.

6. Ray Emerald Ring

Jazman loves this classic solitaire ring with an emerald cut emerald and elegant details like the split, pointed prongs in a polished gold band setting. (You can pick another metal if you prefer.)

“Right now, I’m loving opals, aquamarine, and black diamonds,” Jazman says. “Garnet is my birthstone. But I love the emerald in this Ray Emerald Ring and, of course, its healing properties. Emeralds open the heart chakra and open us to receiving love. I love wearing jewelry as a way to keep gemstones close for that reason.”

If Jazman’s favorites inspire you to shop Bario Neal, you definitely don’t have to be a hand model to get well acquainted with our rings. Browse all of our rings online or make an appointment to visit our Philadelphia or New York City showrooms or work with us long distance. Fill out our contact form or complete our custom design questionnaire today to get started on your perfect custom-designed ring or to personalize a ring from our collections. However you choose to work with Bario Neal, Jazman has some advice: “Whatever I put on and get excited about, I know that’s a ring for me. There’s a feeling. If it makes you feel good, it’s probably for you!”

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