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Types of Wedding Bands Every Couple Should Know

It’s no secret that choosing an engagement ring can be a challenge. Whether you’re planning to surprise your partner, shopping for yourself, or collaborating on a piece together, the pressure is on to make the perfect decision. Some important factors to consider are your/their personal style, daily activity levels, and budget. But, wait! What about wedding bands? With all the emphasis on engagement rings and the excitement of committing yourself to another human forever, it can be easy to forget about these special, often more understated symbols of unity. We're here to help guide you through some of the most popular styles of wedding bands that fit every body, betrothal, and budget.

First, we recommend deciding whether you will wear a band next to an engagement ring or not. Depending on the size and shape, you may want a band that matches or curves to fit seamlessly with. On the other hand, you may want to go for a non-matching look for a more unique fit.

The modern and minimal Allium Diamond Ring pairs beautifully with wide bands

We know, this list is long! The good news is, if you can’t choose just one, stacking multiple bands for an eclectic layered look is a stylish way to maximize the real estate on your ring finger. Let’s dive right in, starting with the classics:

Classic Plain Band: This style band is a timeless choice. A simple gold band with no stones or embellishments, you really can’t go wrong with one of these. They complement a wide range of engagement ring styles and are perfect for those who prefer a clean and understated look. Our Milla Round, Comfort, Shoulder, and Square Bands look fantastic solo or stacked on your ring finger. For something a little different, our Crescent Band and Stackable Band that look great in a stack or on its own. If you're not sure what width/height, our band size comparison guide is super helpful here.

Textured/Hammered/Engraved Band: If a plain band isn’t your style, adding surface texture adds depth and dimension for a dynamic look. Our Milla Hammered Bands are hammered to size by our jewelers in our Philadelphia workshop. Wood grain texture on gold, as seen on our Quill Band and Quill Narrow Band, is subtle but sweet - a great choice for nature lovers. For something extra special, contact us to customize a plain band, like this Custom Diamond Engraved Crescent Band.

Our Milla Bands are available in a variety of widths and textures for mixing and matching

Enamel Band: A pop of color is a smart way to stand out in a crowd. Our enamel bands are offered in red, white, black, and blue. If you’re looking for something specific (like the bright pink, orange, or yellow enamel featured in our Arc Apricot Sapphire Halo Ring with Sun Crush Enamel) send us a message and we’ll help you customize your band. For the lover of geometric patterns, our Shield Band with Blue Enamel is one of our most popular selling enamel designs. The hot red of our Senna Narrow Band with Tomato Red Enamel is sure to attract attention - just be aware that enamel is melted glass on metal and will require repair and/or touching up over time.

Our Shield Band in Blue and Tomato Red Enamel next to the Senna Tall Band with White Enamel

Delicate/Thin Band: Not everyone likes the feeling of metal between their fingers - it can take some getting used to if you’re not in the habit of wearing rings regularly. The Milla Thin Band is a popular choice to pair with a notched engagement ring. For a truly minimalist look, our Milla Ultra Thin Bands are delicate and dainty while still being durable enough for everyday wear. Offered in round, square, and hammered profiles, these bands are great as a stack or on their own.

Twisted/Braided Band: Twisted and braided bands feature intertwined metal strands, creating a textured and unique look. These bands can symbolize the coming together of two lives and paths. Our Aldine Band and Aldine Thin Band are hand braided by our skilled jewelers in our Philadelphia workshop. If you like the look of a plait but want something with a tighter feel, our Fishtail Band is a sweet band that can be ordered with a diamond or sapphire.

Mixed Metal Band: Mixing different metal colors, like white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold, creates a unique and trendy look. This allows you to match your band with many different jewelry pieces and accessories. Check out our Milla Rims Band, available in three different widths, to mix and match the perfect metal combination for yourself.

Our Lash Mini Diamond Ring is a dainty choice for low maintenance, subtle sparkle

Diamond Eternity/Half Eternity Band: Eternity bands feature a continuous row of diamonds encircling a ring. This symbolizes eternal love and commitment. Eternity bands can have a full or half circle of diamonds, and they add a touch of sparkle and luxury to the wedding ring set. The only downside to a full eternity ring is that it cannot be sized, which is why a half eternity is a great choice if you are worried your fingers might fluctuate in size. Don’t fret if you do go with a full eternity and need it sized down though - sizing beads can still be added for a more snug fit. Bario Neal’s half and full eternity rings, featuring round diamonds and gemstones, can be ordered as straight or curved and with different stone sizes.

Channel-Set Band: Channel-set bands have diamonds or other gemstones tension set within a channel, creating a smooth and sleek surface. This design offers a more secure setting for the stones while maintaining a sophisticated appearance. Just like our eternity bands, we offer channel bands in half and full rotation, with both diamonds and sapphires. Ask us about incorporating other stones into a custom channel band, like this chic Custom Champagne and Black Diamond Narrow Channel Band, which incorporates our customer’s birthstone (garnet for January).

From top to bottom: Dez Half Eternity Round Diamond Band 3mm, Dez Shoulder Rainbow Band 5mm, Dez Shoulder Diamond Band 3mm

Pavé Band: A pavé band is covered with small, closely set diamonds that are held in place by tiny metal beads or prongs. This creates a surface that appears to be "paved" with diamonds, adding a dazzling and intricate look to the ring. Our Dez Half Eternity Diamond Band is pavé set with a playful round shank to seal the deal. For a colorful, prideful alternative, we also make our Dez Band in a rainbow gemstone version in two widths.

Vintage or Milgrain Band: Vintage-inspired bands often feature intricate detailing, such as milgrain edges (tiny beaded detailing) or engraving. These bands have a nostalgic feel, perfect for those who love vintage aesthetics. Our Luma Diamond Band and Luma Curved Diamond Band are bead-set with diamonds to create a romantic, antique look that stacks well with both vintage and modern engagement rings. These bands both pair beautifully with vintage style engagement rings, like the Myrtle Blue Green Sapphire Ring.

A drool-worthy stack of BN classics, from top to bottom: Linear Diamond Ring, Arc Band with Sun Crush Enamel, Shield One Band, Eternity Baguette Diamond Band, Milla Square Comfort Wide Band 6mm

Contoured or Curved Band: Contoured bands are designed to fit around the shape of your engagement ring, creating a seamless and complementary set. They are particularly useful if your engagement ring has an unusual shape or setting. Bario Neal’s classic curved bands, like the Milla Curved Band and Radial Band, are classic choices to compliment a symmetrical or asymmetrical engagement ring. If you’re looking for something more and unique, our Reticulated Two Band tapers and undulates organically to cradle your engagement ring just right. Our Bust Cluster Diamond and Radial Cluster Diamond Band both curve to match our signature collection cluster rings. Why not give your solitaire a tiny tiara by pairing it with our Arco Curved Diamond Band?

Colored Gemstone Band: Instead of classic diamonds, some might opt for colored gemstones in their wedding band. This could be their birthstone, a favorite color, or a meaningful gemstone. Colored gemstone bands add a pop of color and personalization to a set, like our Dez Half Eternity Rainbow Band paired with a matching Dez Diamond Oval with Rainbow Halo Ring. The Dasha Half Eternity Round Emerald Ombré Band is a lush mix of sapphires, emeralds, garnet, and tourmaline - a cool color palette for matching or contrasting.

Our Dasha Half Eternity Round Emerald Ombré Band paired with the Sol Emerald Octagonal Ring

Custom Designed Band: If you have a specific design in mind, you can work with a jeweler to create a custom wedding band that perfectly matches your style and preferences. We often create a custom engagement ring for a client who comes back for a band that matches perfectly, like this Custom Diamond and Blue Sapphire Curved Band. We worked with our customer’s heirloom diamonds and sapphires to create their engagement ring and matching curved gemstone band. If you’re interested in incorporating heirloom diamonds and gemstones into new jewelry or creating a totally new one of a kind piece, check out our Custom Design Questionnaire.

For a bespoke set, like this custom cluster heirloom diamond ring and band, our jewelers and sales team work together to ensure your vision is a perfect fit

Remember, the best wedding ring band for you is one that aligns with your personal taste, lifestyle, ethics (read up on ours here), and engagement ring style. All of the metal we use in our jewelry is recycled or Fairmined, and our diamonds and gemstones are fully traceable, reducing the environmental impact of our products and assuring our customers that their pieces are made consciously. We don’t gender any of our jewelry and, regardless of what you’re going for, you have many styles to choose from. Take your time to explore multiple options and try on different designs to find the one that resonates with you the most.

At Bario Neal, we offer a variety of band styles and sizes to fit every body (our bands and rings are available in sizes 2-16). If you’re unsure of your size or find your band is too tight or loose after a seasonal shift, we offer complimentary resizing for a full year. Almost all of our bands can be further personalized with hand engraving to add a meaningful date, name, or phrase. Come see us in person at our Philadelphia and Brooklyn showrooms or schedule a virtual appointment. We can’t wait to help you choose your perfect band!