Bario Neal x Linder NYC: A Colorful Collaboration

bario neal x linder

Introducing the Bario Neal x Linder NYC Men’s Jewelry Collaboration

Let’s face it, really great man-gifts are hard to find.

Good thing that just in time for the holiday season, the Bario Neal x Linder NYC Jewelry collaboration launches today. This high-concept line, “Mortar” re-imagines men’s jewelry, drawing inspiration from the Linder NYC look, while maintaining the design and craftsmanship of a Bario Neal piece.

Linder NYC is comprised of designers Kirk and Sam, who renovated their Thompson Street store themselves, creating a beautifully minimal and intimate space that frames both the brands they carry and their own line.

When the collection’s main designer, Anna Bario, first sat down with Kirk and Sam of Linder, they talked a lot about “pieces that felt powerful without just being big, and about incorporating color into men’s jewelry, which is pretty uncommon.”
This ethos: a synergy of masculinity + femininity, and innovative use of materials, creates a wholly new picture of men’s jewelry. Earthy and rough-hewn, yet sleek and modern, it can go in any direction, so tomboys and gamine-girls, don’t be shy to drop a piece or two into your current menswear-inspired looks.

How did the Bario Neal x Linder teams get from concept to a final product? Here’s a little insight into how a vision becomes reality:



“I really liked the shapes, and wanted to play up the sort of soft angularity of these weirder forms, sort of like a membrane”   ““ Anna Bario



linder bario neal inspiration

Membrane Shapes provided the initial inspiration for an enameled ring’s first sketch, later changed to cement.


linder cement colors

Cement color samples arranged in the studio

The unisex collaboration fuses metal and cement, an innovative pairing we introduced with our recent I.O Ring design.

“I also wanted to use the cement instead of enamel because the material itself is rather soft in color & texture. I liked the rough materiality of it.” ““Anna Bario


bario neal x linder in the studio

Early prototypes go through a rigorous quality control check before moving into production.



linder bario neal ring wax

A newly carved wax version of the finalized Mortar ring is ready to be sent to casting.



rings cement process

The polished and cast rings above undergoing the cementing process, one of the last steps.


Want to see the final results? Discover the finished Mortar Ring + the rest of the Bario Neal x Linder NYC Collection here.  You can also shop our entire line of Men’s Jewelry.

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