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Permanent Jewelry – What is Permanent Jewelry?

To Perm, or not to Perm: what kind of a question is that? Tattoos and piercings aside, there aren’t many truly permanent forms of self expression out there, in the fashion sense. While the word “permanent” may sound scary, we’re here to assure you that not only is Bario Neal’s line of permanent jewelry safe and painless to wear, it’s not being permanently attached to any part of the body.

Securing a Perm bracelet before arc welding

Offered in yellow, white, and rose 14k gold, our Perms are designed with everyday wear and durability in mind but can be easily removed with a quick snip of a scissor or nail clipper (think semi-permanent). A permanent jewelry outing is a unique and fun celebratory experience for a wedding party or birthday gift. If you’re looking for a way to signify an important relationship, event, or special person in your life, look no further than getting a Perm with us.

Our Perm chain options in 14k recycled yellow, white, and rose gold

The process of arc welding a seamless bracelet or necklace is quick, easy, and painless - not to be confused with dermal or subdermal implants used in body modification. Our jewelers measure a custom length of chain or wire to fit your wrist or neck comfortably. The gold is then secured and welded closed over a protective leather swatch while safety glasses shield your eyes from any potentially harmful light.

Our Perms are solid gold - they’re non magnetic and don’t need to be removed for security check at the airport. If you need an MRI, always consult with your health care provider about any semi-permanent jewelry or piercings you may have on your body. In the event that your Perm does need to come off, just bring it back to us and we’ll re-weld it good as new. If a simple gold chain or bangle isn’t exciting enough on its own, we are introducing a new line of gemstone charms to deck out your Perms (stay tuned for updates!)

Securing a Perm necklace before arc welding

Why would anyone actually want permanent jewelry? It’s nothing new - Cartier’s classic LOVE Bracelet, for example, can only be secured or removed with the help of a screwdriver. But it’s only in recent years that welded seamless jewelry has become somewhat of a social media sensation. The semi-permanence is part of the charm - like a woven friendship bracelet designed to fall off on its own (even though you pinky promised your BFF you’d wear it forever). Our precision arc welder takes positive and negative leads together, creating a powerful spark in a highly controlled way. This spark allows an arc welder to form a deeper, stronger connection than a laser welder can.

Safety glasses protect the eyes of everyone involved in the process

If you’re like me, you may sleep, shower, and exercise in your fine jewelry (which we do not recommend if your pieces contain certain delicate gemstones). This is because I am prone to losing jewelry that I wear a lot. My earrings only leave my ears for cleaning and my hands feel naked without at least three rings on. But jewelry you don’t take off and jewelry you can’t take off are two different things. So when we began experimenting with our new arc welder last summer, I was excited to acquire my own claspless, seamless, permanent bracelet. I was also curious to see how it would feel having a bracelet on 24/7 (I don’t usually wear bracelets because I almost always lose them).

I got my first Perm when I was about 8 months pregnant. Now, a year later, when I look at the delicate gold Lei chain on my wrist, I am reminded of my son and everything that my body has been through. I’ve recently acquired two more seamless chains and a hammered bangle for a chic layered look that goes with everything. I’ve never been a big fan of bangles because they can be awkward on my small wrists but my custom fit Perm bangle is the perfect size and shape for me. Bracelets and necklaces without clasps are an easy, classy everyday accessory for busy working moms like me.

My Perm stack looks great with non-permanent bracelets too, like our Lau Diamond Bracelet

Whether you’re flying solo or planning a group activity, we recommend making an appointment at our Philadelphia or Brooklyn showroom for all your Perms. We hope to see you soon!

Bario Neal Permanent Jewelry FAQ

Do I need to make an appointment?

We encourage you to make an appointment, but we will accept walk-ins if possible!

How many people can be in one appointment?

We can accommodate one customer at a time. Please book separate appointments per person in your group.

Can I buy Permanent Jewelry for someone as a gift?

You can purchase a gift card to gift a permanent jewelry piece to someone you love!

What if I need to remove my jewelry?

You can easily remove your permanent jewelry with scissors, a nail clipper or wire cutters. We are also happy to remove your permanent jewelry for you when stopping by our Philadelphia showroom.

What if it falls off, stretches, or breaks?

Our materials are solid 14kt gold. If your jewelry breaks or stretches within the first 90-days of purchase, contact us to set up a time to come into our Philadelphia Showroom and we can re-weld.

Can my child get one?

Children 10 years and older are allowed to get permanent jewelry at Bario Neal. Any customer under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.

Will my permanent jewelry give me problems going through airport security?

No. You can rest assured you can travel with ease.

Do you have a return policy for Permanent Jewelry?

Please ensure you are ready to commit to your permanent jewelry before booking your appointment. Any jewelry which has been used during your Permanent Jewelry Service is final sale, non-refundable and non-exchangeable.