These 7 Larger than Life Rings Make a Bold Impression

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These 7 Larger-than-Life Rings Make a Bold Impression

If you're looking for a big, stop-in-your-tracks engagement ring or special occasion ring but you don't want garish or overdone, we've got seven larger-than-life ring designs that bring the flash, but not the flash in the pan. They're a perfect exclamation point, but not an ALL-CAPS TEXT. When it comes to high impact, we've introduced a new colorful halo opal ring that we know will be an instant hit. Plus, we're updating several popular ring designs with new color combinations to amp up the excitement.

Dez Opal with Rainbow Halo Ring

"The new halo opal is wow," says Tessa Kennedy, Design and Production Director at Bario Neal. She puts it that simply because our newest halo ring speaks for itself. In this design, "rainbow" doesn't mean the Lucky Charms you had as a kid. "If you Google 'rainbow,' you'll get the most primary, bright picture," Tessa says with a laugh. "So for us, it was really exciting to take the many months we spent on colors for this sophisticated design, to really get it right. You rarely see something that considered in jewelry design." The result: A muted yellow sapphire, green tourmaline, London blue topaz, Rhodolite garnet, and more, are all invited to a party that you'll never want to end. (Our color streak didn't stop there. We've released the striking Dez Half Eternity Round Rainbow Band too.)

Stellium Aquamarine with Diamond Halo Ring

This classic halo ring was born with a round carat-plus aquamarine stone and 22 white melee diamonds. That pale blue is an inviting ocean to dive into, but the ring is so popular that we're giving two new stones a chance to feel the love. The Stellium Morganite with Diamond Halo Ring will add on-trend pale pink into the mix. With the Stellium Diamond Halo Ring, you'll get an engagement ring that fully embraces traditional and unforgettable at the same time.

Collage of Bario Neal's Larger-than-life Rings
L to R: Senna Blue Sapphire With White Enamel Halo Ring, Senna Diamond with Black Enamel Halo Ring, Senna Blue Sapphire with Black Enamel Halo Ring

Senna Diamond Halo Ring with Black Enamel

Our striking Senna Diamond Halo Ring stands out not just for its conflict free diamond but its black enamel digs. Many contemporary jewelers don't use enamel, but the Bario Neal team has been working this colorful coating into ring designs for years. (The science-meets-art process of making enamel for our rings is fascinating.) A splash of new primary colors means this halo ring will get even more look-at-me wattage. Picture our Senna Blue Sapphire Halo Ring with White Enamel or our Senna Blue Sapphire Halo Ring with Black Enamel. Daily wear can be tough on soft enamel, but with this halo ring design the enamel is safely recessed.

Radial Cluster Hex Blue Sapphire Ring

"Popular" doesn't quite cover it for this cluster ring. This fave proves you don't need a diamond at the center to be the center of attention. "Everyone is bonkers for it," Tessa says. She's certain that devotion will extend to the four new variations and matching bands Bario Neal has designed that will be released next month. 

Quince Diamond Halo Ring

Diamonds for days. Scratch that. Make it weeks. Add an appointment to your calendar so you can sit and stare at the gorgeousness. This is a modern take on a halo ring. The round diamond in the middle gets dressed up with round diamonds pavéd in the halo. We'll admit the addition of diamonds in the band (every last one ethically sourced) takes us into giddy territory. If you want to turn up the volume even higher, the low-profile Quince stacks well with other rings. Our new design updates on this ring add mystery and lean less traditional by putting a blue sapphire or an emerald into a bold embrace of black melee diamonds.

Collage of Bario Neal's Larger-than-life Rings
L to R: Quince Blue Sapphire with Black Diamond Halo Ring and Quince Emerald with Black Diamond Halo Ring

Fringe Cluster Diamond Ring

If you want to max out with a cluster ring, this one's at the top of our "yes" list. "This is the ring that clients try on and instantly crave," Tessa says," and then they say, 'Oh, I really shouldn't.' To which we reply, 'Yeah you should!'"

Avens Asymmetrical Raw Diamond with Champagne Ombré Ring

Want to mix softer and more natural looking with a bit of forward cluster fun? The 1.0 carat rough diamond in our impression-making Avens Asymmetrical Raw Diamond Ring keeps things buzzing with apricot and yellow sapphires. (Our Avens Asymmetrical Ring and a new Avens Asymmetrical 1ct Cushion with Trillion Diamond Ring design has an update too, with a big deep blue round sapphire found in the new Avens Symmetrical Round Blue Sapphire Ombre Ring.)

5 Tips About our Larger-than-life Rings

  1. Rings with a big presence and larger carat gemstones don't necessarily require more care. Don't let the tall prongs in our Avens Diamond Radiant Ring intimidate you. That 2 carat radiant cut diamond sits snugly and safely.
  2. If you love our collection rings, you'll definitely want to check out our new colorful design updates. The Bario Neal team even gets lovely surprises with new gemstone combos. "If you look at something like our Lash Linear Garnet Ring, with these five garnets in a scattering of sizes, it's sweet," Tessa says. "But when you see the Lash Linear Diamond Ombré Ring, which has champagne and white diamonds, it's a knockout."
  3. You can custom design a high-impact cluster ring with Bario Neal. Look at all the personalized rings on our custom page for inspiration, like our Custom Rose Cut Pink Sapphire Cluster Ring with Aquamarine, Topaz, and Diamonds or Custom .5ct Marquise Cut Diamond Cluster Ring with Tourmaline, Sapphires, and Diamonds.
  4. Cost doesn't necessarily have to go up with gemstone size in bold rings. Our Stellium Aquamarine with Diamond Halo Ring has 23 gemstones but a price under $3,000. This makes it a more accessibly priced can't-miss engagement ring choice. Or consider swapping in a lab-grown moissanite instead of a white diamond and you'll halve your cost but your eye likely won't ever know the difference.
  5. Halo designs are often used to give rings a big impact feel. One large stone and the small melee stones play off one another, bringing a lot of light and sparkle to the hand. If you want to personalize a Bario Neal halo design, ask us about custom designing a bold halo ring. We loved working with a client to create this Custom Halo 6mm Cabochon Opal Ring with Champagne Diamonds.

At Bario Neal, we don't just insert a flashy gemstone for wow factor and call it a day. Gorgeous bold designs with big gemstones and ethical sourcing can come all in one ring, and we're passionate about maintaining that balance. And it's not only about carats. Sometimes a different design or enamel or a unique color mix makes the standout difference. Shop our halo rings and cluster rings today to find show-stopping expression in the most elegant way.